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Well that’s our story at the Tri-City Speedway.

Me, my grandpa and his friend Donnie went to Tri-City Speedway Friday  night and it was a blast! We live in central Illinois so it took about an hour and 30 minutes. So, after the car ride we got there about 3:30.

             When we got there we had to ask the lady and the booth that were from and that we promote the track and the local drivers.

              So after that we start getting bios on drivers. We started sending clip boards and then already we had 4! Then after we got those 4 clip boards we decided to get a cheeseburger, they have the best cheeseburgers ever!   After we ate I got sick because it was too hot for me, so we decided to get 10 bios instead of 20. Then after I felt better we got some more bios.

             Then that makes 8! After that Donnie got me a Hoosier tire hat. Two more to go! Those 2 would not be back in a while. So we watched the races.

            They started running hot laps so 30 min later I decided to go and get those bios and neither of them were ready,  so I came back they had two more hot laps. After them I went and checked them again neither of them were done but almost.  We watched the  heats and the  B Mains then we went and got the other 2 bios. That made 11 so we made our goal.

             Then here comes the feature! O’Neil came from 12th to 1st and then had a flat tire and went to the back and came to finish 8th. The winner was………… the number 21car! He had a really fast racecar!

            Well that’s our story at the Tri-City Speedway. It had excitement adventure  and every thing in between!












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