Kiefer Bathe



Kiefer Alan Freedom at Paragon Speedway


This is the first time Iíve been there to Paragon Speedway.

It took us 1 hour and 30 min. to get there because we live in Illinois not Indiana  

Well to start with my Dad was going on a motorcycle ride and Grandpa decided to go to Paragon. But my dad said that at Paragon they flip a lot of cars, so then I got excited. Flipping cars is exciting. The first time I ever went to a Sprint car race it was a blast.  It was a total flip fest. They flipped five cars. That's how I got into sprint car racing.  

When we got to the city of Paragon we could not find the racetrack. We asked for directions from a guy that was actually building a stock-car. We asked him if he was going to race but he said he was still working on it. He gave us directions to the track and I think he had had a little beer. 

Then we finally got there and the lady asked us if we were from a website. And we said yes, so she let us in. Grandpa and I met a new reporter for, which is my grandpa's website. His name was Quinn Daily and he was 18 years old. He goes to Paragon Speedway and Richmond Dragway. I didn't know what kind of  camera he had but it was huge. 

I told him that he might not like listening to a 12-year-old but I knew what I was doing. He was cool about it. I showed him how to give bios to the racecar drivers and he told me about the racetrack. He told me that Paragon is a total flip fest. He told me that it was 3/8 of a mile and it was started in 1954. 

We got a total of 25 bios. Sprint car drivers are always hard to get bios from because they are busy. We mostly got bios of stock-car drivers. We got a bio on a driver and his dad had a bio from my grandpa at Vermillion a County Speedway in IL., in 2001. He ended up finishing second in the feature. He was also a Sprint car driver. 

We got Cheese Burger which is always good. We got a total of 25 bios like I said before. We decided to watch some racing. It took forever for the Sprint cars to come. They had 2 Sprint car features. They had lot cars. I was back and forth on my cell phone. I did not see most of the first race, but saw the entire second feature. There was only one flip, but Quinn said that there is usually there's more than that. I saw the flip but my grandpa didnít. In the end we had a lot of fun and it was a blast. If I were you I would go to Paragon Speedway because they had a fast race track.












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