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Mother Nature really fooled us this past weekend. 26 good sprint cars came out to put on a good show for the fans on "Meet the Drivers Night" at Brad McCown's Jackson County Speedway. They started out with warm up laps, quickly moving into hot laps and then qualifying. Halfway through hot laps Mother Nature made her first appearance with a shower that was just enough to put a halt on the program for about 10 minutes, then it was back to qualifying. The 26 cars finally finished up qualifying as everybody started seeing lightning bolts in the distance. So to try to get the fans back in the pits to meet the drivers in a hurry they quickly opened up the pit area to everybody.

  I started my venture into the pit area to see what drivers I could get to take a picture for me. I walked around taking pictures trying not to get in the kids way so they could get their autographs of the drivers. I got half way through the field and the lightning started getting closer and closer so I had to make a decision, so I went to driver Andre Layfield and started talking to him, I got him to take a picture of him with his car for me and as soon as we got done with that he asked if I wanted an autographed picture and I said "yea sure" and as soon as I said that a big lightning bolt hit and was a lil  too close for comfort, so I turned to Andre and said I'm going to get out of here before we get fried, he said "Yea me too," and turned around and started putting his car into his hauler. So I took 5 or so more pics, a couple of young gun Cory Crabtree sitting on the back of his sprinter, as I was running out of the pits. I got half way to my car and here it came. Needless to say I was soaked from head to toe. It was a real shame Mother Nature wouldn't cooperate with us cause there was going to be an awesome race. We had drivers such as: Danny Smith, Andre Layfield, Cole Duncan, Todd Kane, Cory Crabtree, Jimmy Stinson, Nathan Skaggs, Aaron Higgins just to name a few.
  The OVSCA now moves onto take over the Southern Ohio Speedway this coming Friday. I hope to see everybody there.












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