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Larry Burnett

OK, I’m going to try and do something like this on a regular basis.  Since I always have thoughts, and they are almost always random, why not jot them down now and then?  Word of warning though, these will be truly random, may be disjointed, and may just leave the reader scratching his head, or disagreeing with me completely.  And most of the time, they probably won’t have anything to do with a camera.

Let’s talk about rain.  This past weekend was rainy all over the place.  Some tracks cancelled, some track postponed, so tracks got the whole program in, some tracks didn’t.  And in every one of these scenarios, someone complained.   I’ve seen every single one of these at one time or another.

-          A track calls off early because of a dismal forecast.  The call is made early enough in the day so that racers can make other plans, but the weather changes and the rain never really comes.  But the complaints do.  “I don’t know why they called it, we coulda got the races in.”


-          A track doesn’t cancel, goes ahead with their race.  Still a dismal forecast, so the stands are pretty empty, and then before the cars can even get on the track, it rains and rains, and the track has to cancel anyway.  “I don’t know why he didn’t just call the race early, he knew it was gonna rain.”


-          A track postpones a race from Saturday until Sunday.   “Racing on Sunday?  I have things to do.” (The sad part is, half of these people would claim “watching the NASCAR race” as the activity they’re missing out on.)


-          A track holds out, doesn’t call it and races.  Rains come about half-way through the program.  Again, “I don’t know why he didn’t just call the race early, he knew it was gonna rain.”


I guess the point of all this is, that a promoter can’t win when it comes to rain.  No matter what he does, someone will complain. 


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