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VA Dirt 2014 Photos and Features

VA  Winchester                   8/16    VADirt                  WoOLM

MD  Potomac                       8/15  VADirt                    WoOLM

DE  Delaware Int.                8/14  VADirt                   WoOLM    

VA  VMS                              8/9    VADirt                       Racing

MD  Potomac                          8/8    VADirt                     Racing

VA  Winchester                    8/2    VADirt                       Racing

IN  Montpelier                      7/26  VADirt                     Racing

IN  Gas City                        7/25    VADirt                    Racing

VA Potomac                           7/18  VADirt                     Racing

VA  VMS                              7/14   VADirt                      Racing

NC  Clarys                            7/4    VADirt     MonkClaryMem

DE  Delaware Int.                6/24   VADirt     CampBarnesBen

VA  VMS                              6/21   VADirt            MudMayem

VA  VMS                              5/31   VADirt                     Racing

MD  Potomac                       5/24  VADirt           3StatesFlyers

VA  VMS                              5/17   VADirt                   USA100

VA  County Line                  5/16    VADirt                  USLMS

VA  County Line                  5/10     VADirt                   Racing

VA  VMS                              5/3     VADirt             Scout Night

VA  VMS                              4/19   VADirt                  Opening

VA  VMS                               4/12  VADirt                     NDRL

VA  South Boston                   4/5    VADirt             S. ModTour

NC  County Line                       3/22   VADirt                 Opener

MD  Potomac                           3/21  VADirt                   Opening

OK  Chili Bowl                         1/18   VADirt       Sights&Sounds

OK  Chili Bowl                          1/18   VADirt            Cars&Stars

OK Chili Bowl                          1/18   VADirt                  Winners

OK Chili Bowl                          1/18   VADirt              Action Sat.

OK  Chili Bowl                          1/17   VADirt               Action Fri.

OK  Chili Bowl                          1/16   VADirt         Action Thurs.

OK Chili Bowl                          1/15   VADirt           Action Wed.

OK Chili Bowl                          1/14   VADirt           Action Tues.

VA Dirt 2013 Photos and Features



NC  Southern National            11/23    VADirt         MasonDixon

NC  The Dirt Track                 11-9    VADirt                     Sprints

NC  The Dirt Track                 11/0    VADirt                      Around

NC  The Dirt Track                 11/9    VADirt            Late Models

NC  The Dirt Track                 11/9    VADirt                Modifieds

NC  Clary's                              10/26  VADirt             MonsterDirt

VA   Potomac                         10/20   VADirt               SmCarNats

NC  Clarys                              10/12  VADirt                      Racing

NC  County Line                    10/12   VADirt                  Rainout

NC  Clary's                              9/28   VADirt          Trophy Night

VA  VMS                                 9/14  VADirt           Champ Night

Random though from behind the camera

VA   Potomac                           9/5   VADirt             ChampNight

VA  Colonial Downs                8/24  VADirt  AMA Motorcycles

VA   Winchester                       8/17  VADirt HunterCrane Mem

MD  Potomac                           8/16  VADirt       ARDC Midgets

VA   VMS                                7/27 VADirt           Some Gave All

MD  Potomac                           7-26 VADirt             URC Sprints

NC  Race Night                        Fayetteville               7/20 VADirt

NC  Monk Clary Mem            Clary's                        7/5 VADirt

NC  ARDC Midgets               County Line              6/29 VADirt

VA  URC Sp & MORE         Winchester                6/22 VADirt

NC  Thunder in Carolina       CountyLine                6/15  VADirt

PA  Eastern Storm                  Port Royal                 6/8 VADirt

VA  Scout Night                      VMS                      6/1/13 VADirt

MD LM Speedweeks             Potomac               5/31/13 VADirt

DE  WoO Latemodels            Delaware Int,           5/30 VADirt

MD 40th Anniversary             Potomac                    5/26 VADirt

MD Smokey Snellbaker         Hagerstown               5/25 VADirt

VA  Budweiser Night              Potomac                     5/10 VADirt

VA  Race Night                       VMS                            5/4 VADirt

IA    Opening Night                 Knoxville                  4/27 VADirt

MO  Opening Night                Lucas Oil Speedway 4/20 VADirt

KS  USMTS                            Lakeside                   4/19 VADirt

MD  Ed Canupp Mem.          Potomac                4/5/13  VADirt

VA Car Show                          VMS                     4/6/13  VADirt

 NC  County Line                     3-23   VADirt     Matthews Mem

NC  Southern National            3-23   VADirt        Whelen Mods

MD  Potomac                           3-22   VADirt                 Opening

NC  County Line                      3-9    VADirt                  Opening

OK  Chili Bowl                          1-12  VADirt     Cars & Stars

OK  Chili Bowl                          1-12  VADirt Sights&Sounds

OK  Chili Bowl                          1-12  VADirt     Track Action

OK  Chili Bowl                          1-12  VADirt   Kickin Cancer

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