Sponsorship Seminar A Success!


The first ever Sponsorship Seminar by, touching race teams in all of north Texas, was held at the Kennedale Community Center October 10, 2009 in Kennedale, Texas. Multiple race teams including drivers and public relations (PR) people from across the great state of Texas were represented. Those present included teams from the DFW metroplex, Houston, and Waco areas, representing four class divisions and two touring series. Promoters from seven area speedways gladly endorsed this seminar, with several of them in attendance. CEO Roger Bathe, considered by many to be an expert, with more than 45 years experience in the racing world, helped present the three hour seminar which included everything attendees would need to know to secure serious sponsorship support. Assisting “LuvRacin Rog,” was colleague Bruce Koen. Together they presented a masterful workshop to those in attendance. Jerry “LuvRacinGoose” Gossel was also in attendance and shared some practical ways for the teams to approach potential sponsors. As you can imagine, there was an abundance of information that was shared with the drivers and team PR people. made available valuable information that would assist racers with their sponsorship efforts along with a variety of materials that were available to assist those seriously seeking sponsorship.


Some of the practical areas that were covered were image, the practical side of public relations  (PR), educating potential sponsors, promoting your sponsors, along with a good dose of common sense “do’s and don’ts” rounding out the seminar. By the time the presentation was complete, even those who considered themselves a novice with very little or no experience felt like they had a great opportunity in securing sponsorship for their team.


Since the completion of the seminar, has received very positive feedback, as well as several heart felt thanks to Rog & Bruce. LuvRacin Rog commented that, “After all of the countless hours we spent in preparation, we put on a great seminar for the racers.”


Race teams or promoters looking for ways to raise funds for their endeavors, may want to consider this Sponsorship Seminar in their area. With LuvRacin’s seminar, the ideas and methods presented are easy to implement and can be very profitable for all concerned. For more information telephone LuvRacin Rog at 843-319-7054. 



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