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VMRS Opener Goes To Steve Masse at Waterford on Sunday 4/7/2013

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 Steve Masse came from 13th starting spot to win the opener on the VMRS AT Waterford Speedbowl on Sunday.

The 85 of Louie Mechalides took the lead from the outside pole starting spot and lead the first 22 laps before giving way to the 99 of Richard Savary.

 Lap 25 – 99 Savary, 12 Annarummo, 85 Mechalides, 68 K. Rocco, 15 Pasteryak, 38 Willis, 25 Pennink, 92 Nocella, and 13 Masse.

Lap 30 Caution for the 34 of Dave Etheridge as he hit the backstretch wall hard. The 34 of Etheridge and the 69 of Jimmy Dolan have a lot of damage.

 Lap 50 Half way – Savary 99, Mechalides 85, Annarummo 12, Pennink 25, K Rocco 68, Pasteryak 15, Masse 13, Willis 38, Nocella 92, Wrenn 53 , J Rocco 57 , Heino97 , Holdridge 0, Dore 05, Charette 10, Schnedier 19, Barrett 9, Pearl 90, Zachem 79, Smith 74, Fifield 07.

The Leader 99 Savary spins himself out of the lead going into turn 1.

Savary 99, Mechalides 85 and the 12 of Todd Annarummo had been battling up front over the last 41 laps before the Savary spin.

 Annarummo 12 takes over the lead on lap 65.

When we go green on lap 72 - Annarummo, Pennink, Mechalides, K Rocco, Willis, J Rocco, Masse, Nocella, Charette, Pasteryak, Savary, Barrett, Smith, Zachem, Dore, Holdridge, Pearl, Schneider, Heino, Wrenn.


Lap 80 - Annarummo, Pennink, Mechalides, Masse, Nocella, K Rocco, J Rocco, Barrett, Willis, Pasteryak, Smith, Savary.....


Lap 83 When we go green - Annarummo, Pennink, Masse, Mechalides, Nocella, K Rocco, Willis, Pasteryak, Smith, Savary, Holdridge, Schneider, Wrenn, Dore, Heino, Pearl, Charette, J Rocco, Zachem, Barrett.

Lap 85 - Annarummo, Pennink, Masse, Nocella, Willis, Mechalides, K Rocco, Pasteryak, Holdridge, Savary, Wrenn....

Lap 92 - Masse passes Pennink for second.

Masses car is really running well on the outside.

Lap 95 - Annarummo, Masse, Pennink, Nocella, Willis, Mechalides, K Rocco, Pasteryak., Holdridge, Savary, Barrett...
Lap 96 – Masse passe Annarummo on the outside for the lead.

Lap 98 another caution.

2 to go.

Lap 100 Steve Masse wins the Budweiser Blastoff 100.

 Masse, who had come from 13th starting position, entered the top-5 in the closing circuits making several bids for the lead. A fast-approaching Anthony Nocella, Rowan Pennink, and Mike Willis Jr followed him.

“We had a great car all-weekend; it was on rails,” stated Masse from victory lane. “The key was saving everything until the end. We were patient and it paid-off with the car being great when it-counted.”

Second-place finisher Annarummo may have had something for the winner, but driving too deep into the first-turn before the crucial final restart possibly halted his bid for victory. “I drove very-low into the turn trying to clean my tires right-before that last restart. I think I may have picked-up something up. The car wasn’t as-good after that.”

Scoring a third-place podium finish, Nocella was elated with his performance. “This is just awesome to finish in the top-3,” he said. “We decided to try this series last year, and really enjoy-it. To start the season like this is a huge plus. My family, crew, and sponsors worked really-hard to get me here, so this top-3 is for them also.”

It was announced by series founder Jack Bateman that the winner of the season championship will receive $10,000 in honor of the 10th season of the MRS.  Last season paid $5,000 to the champion.

This was a real good show all day at Waterford.

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From Left to Right: 3rd Anthony Nocella, 1st Steve Masse and 2nd Todd Annarummo

Lap Leaders: Mechalides (1-22) Savary (23-64) Annarummo (65-95) Masse (96-100)

Cautions: Laps: 14,30,64,66,72,83,98


1. 13  Steve Masse, Bellingham, MA.
2. 12 Todd Annarummo, Swansea MA.
3. 92 Anthony Nocella, Woburn, MA.
4. 25 Rowan Pennink, Huntington Valley PA.
5. 0 Mike Holdridge, Madison, CT.
6. 85 Louie Mechalides, Tyngsboro. MA.
7. 38 Mike Willis Jr., Grantham NH.
8. 53 Norm Wrenn, Nashua NH.
9. 74 Dana Smith, Sunapee NH.
10. 68 Keith Rocco, Meriden, CT.
11. 99 Richard Savory, Canton, MA.
12. 90 Jeff Pearl, Salem, CT.
13. 05 Jacob Dore, Sanford ME.
14. 9 Tom Barrett Jr., Millis MA.
15. 57 Jeff Rocco, Meriden, CT.
16. 79 Max Zachem, Preston, CT.
17. 97 Arthur Heino Jr., Newport NH.
18. 15 Chris Pasteryak, Lisbon, CT.
19. 10 Dennis Charette, Southington, CT.
20. 19 Dave Scheider, Northport NY.
21. 07 Melissa Fifield, Wakefield, NH.
22. 1 Rob Goodenough, Swanzey, NH.
23. 17 Todd Owen, Somers, CT.
24. 34 Dave Etheridge, Portland, CT.
25. 69 Jim Dolan, Bethel, CT.
26. 47 Timmy Jordan, Plainfield, CT.














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