Debra Todd-Jordan
Hello To All:
This is a combined thank you post from Michael & Debra Jordan

First I would like to say Congratulations to all the 2009 Points Champions,
all 25 of you. Everyone did a great job this year with your cars. Each one of should be very proud of yourselves. I know I am proud to know each of you. 


Second I would like to say Congratulations to my husband, Michael Jordan on his winning the 2009 Rookie Points Championship. It was hard. We argued, fought, disagreed and Lord know what else. But we have made it to the end of the year with out killing each other and in the midst of it all you have emerged as a champion. I am very proud of you. You worked really hard all year and it showed. I could not believe it when you thanked me for helping you. I cried. Most men don’t remember their wives/partners in their thank you speeches. It was an honor to work and stand by you. I Love you.


Michael would like to say a special thank you to John Charles & Mark Elliott for the loan and use of their cars when our car was unable to start the race. He would also like to thank Butch Hill, Rocky Gasque, Steven Erskin, Mike Manes, Bobby King, John Mariotti and Tim Clemmons for all their help.


Michael and I would like to thank our sponsors:
Charles Todd at Conway Used Cars
Lavern Todd at Conway Wrecker
Sammy Spann at Spann Roofing 
Dennis Jordan at Jordan’s Performance
Kyle Hamilton at Carolina Speed Shop
Richard Rhine at Carolina United


I would like to thank each of you. I have had a lot of fun with you drivers, your teams and your families. I thank you for letting me take your photo's and allowing me to intrude into your racing lives. And for making me feel apart of the grand scheme of racing. Best of luck to each of you in the off season. I hope to see you soon and I can't wait to see all the new cars.


Last but not least we would also like to thank Mr. Charles Miller and the Staff at Carolina Speedway for a great season. We had a well worked track to run on. We raced every sat. night with the exception of only one race called off. We had no pay cuts. We sometimes received bonus money for qualifying positions. We had fast track clearing of wrecks and debris.  Fast and quick judgment calls. We even had track protest to keep divisions fair and legal. And lets not forget the concession stand ladies which kept us all well feed. We also had a tech man that we could call at any time if we had questions about our cars or rules. All in all, I'd say we had an excellent year. Thank You very much for a well run track.


Much love to each and every one of you. Michael is looking forward to running in the Charger Division next year. We hope to see you all at a Thanksgiving Race, hopefully. So, in the meantime…. Have a marvelous life and enjoy your families.


Because it want be long before you can hear me scream


MICHAEL……Where is my checkbook….. You bought what…… for that what…… racecar…… Have you lost your mind……  Hahaha!

Peace be with you and God bless.
Michael Jordan
Debra Todd-Jordan


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