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June 2009 Newsletter

A Message form the Writer 
May has been a great month full of fun and meeting new people and greeting old friends. My family looks forward to race season every year with much anticipation of what may lie ahead. New people, old friends, old rivals, spills, thrills, and chills of the sport. Dirt track racing is the most exciting sport there is. You get everything you can imagine from a night at the races and then some. A Family friendly sport. And if your not sure just what I mean “Come and See for yourself”. It get exciting when the City Boys come to the back woods of South Carolina to play with the Country Boys.
See ya at the races,
Debra Todd - Jordan


From the Drivers:
Doug Fowler #69 Charger would like to say a special thank you to all his family and friends. He has a new granddaughter 2 months old. Her name is Kaylee Strickland.


Rick Viering #10 4 Cylinder Stock would like to thank Doug Fowler, Chad, Tommy and Mark.


William Sampson #15 Rookie sends his thank you out to his family and friend’s and his Crew Chief Jasper Turner. William says he’s 60 years old and glad to be here in good health and able to race.


Eric Hucks #66 Charger is getting married June 3, 2009 to Jenny Mercer.


Tony Morris #82 is a supporter of Autism and Relay for life. You can make a difference.


Brent Hardee #1 Rookie and Hollie have a new baby this year. Jan 3, 2009 Luke Hardee was born.


Michael Jordan #3 Rookie had his birthday on May 1, 2009. He and wife Debra also celebrated their 16 Wedding Anniversary, May 28, 2009.


Justin Gerrald #00 Charger married Sarah on May 9, 2009. We all wish them may happy years to come.


All of the Conway Wrecker Service sponsored cars, Team 11, 1 & 3 are supporters of Autism.


Johnny W. Nobles, Team 14 and Josh would like to thank Jim Fowler #48 for his most generous act of a true racer. Josh had engine trouble 5-30-2009 and Jim Fowler gave Josh his car to drive in the race, as Jim was not interested in the points championship and knowing the young Josh was very interested in competing for the championship offered to loan his race car to Josh for that race. Josh gladly accepted his offer and found it very rare in this sport and for that matter, in this day and age for a person to be so gentlemanly and honorable. Hats off to ya Jim.    


Sandra McCabe’s Birthday was June 4, 2009.


Contact Information
How to contact me
Debra Todd Jordan
PM me at
Find me at the track: I’m located in the pit area just off the 4th turn with my family. Husband Michael Jordan 3 Rookie and Father Lavern Todd Team 11 of Conway Wrecker.


Information Needed
For the newsletter. I collect information form the drivers, their crews and families all month for the next newsletter.
 I do not write about the races. If you came you know what happened and if you didn’t come you need to come see all the action for your self.
I dedicate my newsletter to the drivers. They get very little attention or appreciation for all their hard work. So they are center stage here.
Let your fans know everything about you from birthdays to weddings. Got or getting a new race car. Maybe a new hauling outfit. Are you changing rides. Let your fans know so they can be looking for you. The fan follows the driver not the car.
This is my first newsletter and writers page. My first photo’s and video clips. Please help me promote you, the sport, and your track.


 Gentlemen Start Your Engines !


Special Thanks to
Carolina Speedway and Pat for all your help.
And Rog at
Also zbadman at
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Remember there is never a dull moment at the races.




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