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  • 3rd Annual Raymond White Memorial


    Racing, the dictionary defines it as a contest of speed, competition, and the onward flow or course. To the White and Smyser families as well as Charleston Speedway, racing is tradition, history, and it courses through their veins.

    Saturday July 27th marks the 3rd annual Raymond White Memorial. A memorial for a man who without Charleston Speedway might have never happened. White helped turn an old horse track into Humphrey's Speedway in the 1960's. Humphrey's Speedway would later become Charleston Speedway.

    Raymond not only helped build the track he also raced there. He won his first race in 1965 and continued to race for over thirty years. He would claim to be retired and return shortly after his “retirement”, making him known as the Grey Ghost at Charleston Speedway. Raymond raced in the Street Stock, Super Stock, and Modified classes.

    The Grey Ghost passed his passion for all things racing on to his family. White bought his grandson, Randy Lee, his first race car and helped turn wrenches on it almost everyday. His family said he could still be found in the garage under a car up until he was in his late 60's. He could be seen every weekend in the stands cheering on Randy Lee with his baseball cap a fly. Raymond hardly ever missed a race if he could help it.

    Randy Lee said, “If he hadn't been around, I would have never started. He was my biggest fan and sponsor,” when asked how his grandpa had influenced his racing career.

    Raymond's daughter, Laura Smyser, was asked what it meant to have this race dedicated to her father, “It touches me to know the community supports this race and family so much,” she replied with watery eyes.

    Laura would like to thank Randy Lee for all his hard work promoting and sponsoring the memorial and Randy and Josh for their continued support through this process.
    Don't miss the race dedicated to the original “Mr. Excitement” in what is sure to be a great night of racing at Charleston Speedway! Gates will open at 4:00pm on the 27th and qualifying will begin at 7:00pm. There are increased payouts for all drivers in every class.


To Grandpa White i know you were with me every single lap this
year. Through all of our ups and downs from beginning to end.
I am  proud to be your grandson and thanks for believing
in me to be your race car driver. Thanks from day 1 when you ask
dad about getting me a car until now. You taught me alot over the
years and you truly are an inspiration to all of us. Hope you got
one heck of a show this year i gave it my all week in and week out.

We did it 2012 Pure Stock Track Championship And 3rd National Points..I Love you!!! Grandson Randy














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