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2013 Racing Coverage & Photos

IN   The Indy 500                    IMS                     5/26 ShortStuff

IN  Little 500                          Anderson              5/26 ShortStuff

IN  Little 500                          Anderson              5/25 ShortStuff

IN  The Hoosier 100              Fair Grounds       5/24 ShortStuff

PA  WoO Sprints                     Williams Grove  5/18 ShortStuff

PA  WoO Sprints                     Williams Grove  5/17 ShortStuff

PA  WoO Sprints                     Lincoln                 5/16 ShortStuff

PA  WoO Sprints                     Lincoln                 5/15 ShortStuff

NC  Track Visit                       Southern Nat.      4/13 ShortStuff

NC  PASS Dogwood 150         Southern Nat.      4/13 ShortStuff

NC  PASS Easter Bunny150  Hickory                3/30 ShortStuff

SC  Myrtle Beach                   3-16  ShortStuff                  PASS

SC  Dillon                                3-9    ShortStuff                  PASS

FL  Don Garlits                       3-9    Shortstuff             Musuem

FL  Bubba's                             2-23  Short Stuff               USAC

FL  Bubba's                             2-22  ShortStuff                USAC

FL  Bubba's                             2-21  ShortStuff                USAC

FL  Volusia                              2-17  ShortStuff                  WoO

FL  Volusia                              2-16  Shortstuff                   WoO

FL  Volusia                              2-15  ShortStuff                   WoO

OK  Chili Bowl                          1-12  ShortStuff            Finals

OK  Chili Bowl                          1-11  ShortStuff          Night 4

OK  Chili Bowl                          1-10  Short Stuff         Night 3

OK  Chili Bowl                          1-9    Short Stuff            Shots

OK  Chili Bowl                          1-8    Short Stuff   First Night

2012 Racing Coverage & Photos

This was a tough job. With all the races we went to, it was really tough to pick out 50 favs. Didn't happen!! Just saw to many things to pick 50!

2012 was a wonderful year for me. Thank you to Larrie Ervin for talking with me about It sent me on a wonderful journey of seeing some awesome racing and meeting lots of wonderful people! Since 2012 was awesome, may 2013 be a better year for everyone!! Thank you to everyone that took the time to look at my shots!


Favorite Photos Photos of 2012


NC  The Dirt Track          11-3   ShortStuff           The Finals

NC  The Dirt Track          11-2   ShortStuff           The Finals

NC  The Dirt Track          11-1   ShortStuff           The Finals



                   PA   Eastern Motorsports Museum                       Shortstuff                   

PA  Williams Grove        9-29    Shortstuff            Nat Open

PA  Williams Grove        9-28    Shortstuff               Prelems

OH  Attica                       9-2    ShortStuff                AllStars


PA  Lernerville                8-31  Shortstuff                AllStars

IN  IMS                           8    ShortStuff         Indy Museum

IA  Knoxville                   8-     Ina         Nat. Special Events

IA  Knoxville                   8-11  ShortStuff                     Final

IA  Knoxville                   8-10  ShortStuff                  Friday

IA  Knoxville                   8-9    ShortStuff                 Night 2

IA  Knoxville                   8-8    ShortStuff               1st Night

IA  Southern IA               8-7    ShortStuff                  USAC

IA  Southern IA               8-6    ShortStuff            FrontRow

IA  Knoxville                   8-5   ShortStuff                Capitani

IA  Knoxville                   8-4    ShortStuff               360 Nat.


OH  Eldora                                  ShortStuff        Track Visit

OH  Eldora                         7-14  ShortStuff      Kings Royal

OH  Eldora                         7-13  ShortStuff   Knight Before

PA  Port Royal                            ShortStuff          TrackVisit

PA  Selinsgrove                          ShortStuff         Track Visit

PA  Selinsgrove                  7-8   ShortStuff    PA Sprint Wk.

PA  Port Royal                    7-7   ShortStuff    PA Sprint Wk.

PA  Williams Grove            7-6   ShortStuff     PA Sprint Wk.

PA  Williams Grove            7-5    ShortStuff   PA Sprint Wk.


IN   Kokomo                        6-17  ShortStuff                USAC

IN  Lawrenceburg               6-16  ShortStuff                 USAC

IN   Kokomo                                ShortStuff         Track Visit

IN   Lawrenceburg                       ShortStuff         Track Visit

WV  I-77 Speedway                     ShortStuff         Track Visit

GA  Gresham MSP              6-9    ShortStuff            KN East

GA  Gresham MSP              6-9    ShortStuff         TrackVisit

PA  Williams Grove                    ShortStuff          Track Visit

WV  I-77 Speedway           5-27   ShortStuff            WoO LM

WV  Tyler Co                     5-26  ShortStuff          Track Visit

WV  Tyler Co.                  5-26  ShortStuffWoO LM Bonanza

WV  Tyler Co.                    5-25   ShortStuff              Bonanza

PA  Williams Grove           5-11   ShortSS                    WoO

PA  Williams Grove           5-12   ShortSS                     WoO

SC  I-77 Chester                4-21  SSShots                  Racing

TN  Tazwell                         4-28  ShortStuff           WoO LM

NC  Ace Speedway             3-30  ShortStuff  UCAC Midgets












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