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 The Goose flies north to Rapid City, SD (his home state)


Rapid City, SD, August 28, 2009 – The Goose flies north to Rapid City, SD (his home state) and to the Black Hills Half Mile Speedway ( We would like to thank the track for their great hospitality in allowing us to cover their events and for providing with the results of the night’s races. This is a great way for track owners and personnel to promote motorsports and their track! Black Hills’ official track photographer, Bill Young, traded tips and tricks with the Goose for shooting fast-moving cars in semi-darkness, probably the hardest situation for getting clear photos. (


It was great to be back and see the speed on the big half mile. The most exciting part of the night came when two of the sprinters locked wheels on turns 3 and 4 and proceeded to try to move the wall. PS: the wall won! Luckily both drivers walked away, but those two cars will probably be retired. Driver Danny Mercys’ attitude after the mangle of metal was, “Wow, I felt a little bump.” You’ve gotta see the pictures to appreciate this comment!


Click on the South Dakota page to view the pictures in the photo gallery on Or better yet, go to the track and catch the noise and the smell and excitement in all its real-time glory.



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