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A Warm Welcome from Gillette Thunder Speedway


Gillette, WY, August 29, 2009 – Upon checking in and receiving a warm welcome from Gillette Thunder Speedway officials, we counted 26 sprint cars ready for the high-banked fast half-mile. The Goose gets out his camera, makes a pit walk to get pictures of the sprint cars and their pit meeting and then the track. Seth from Zach’s 74 sprinter comes over and says, “Will you push Zach? We don’t have a push truck.” The Goose answered, “OK,” ‘cuz he’s always ready with his push bumper. There was a slight shortage of push trucks when I got to Zach. So the Goose helped ASCS Director, Jim Starr, get his sprinter started. We parked the cameras until the B Feature, pushed the cars off, and then went to the inside to get the cameras set for the racing. Good lighting on the track meant we didn’t need the flash. Used the Nikon D40 with the f2.8 70-200mm Tamron lens. While watching the B Feature cars and the exciting wheel-thumping spin-out except the #6 sprinter put it up on the high side and raced away for the win.


A Feature time: Push the cars off, get them fired up, go park on the inside. Drivers brought their Speed Racer attitude ‘cuz they were on the gas at the drop of the green. Click on the Wyoming page to view the pictures in the photo gallery on Or better yet, go to the track and catch the noise and the smell and excitement in all its real-time glory.


Thanks to the track for their great hospitality and for providing with the results of the night’s races. This is a great way for track owners and personnel to promote motorsports and their track!




Jerry “Goose” Gossel



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