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Chili Bowl

Thanks for everyone support. This is the biggest local racing in one week then what one can dream of ! VA Dirt and I pay our own way and will look for sponsorship for the coming years ! We do the best we can . My Goal was to have everyday up for Rog to post when he opened his computer! we did really Great in this area .
 The Videos take several hours to up load so I just clicked up load and went to the track for the next day .
 Every race is a main event to win. I covered Mark Bush & T-MEZ last year cause he covered some of my pit pass. and found Rogers old team pitting next to them with Justyn Allagier driving Both Justyn and T-MEZ made the A Main .

This year I covered T-MEZ Racing in Las Vagas on the pavement they missed the set up Loose Loose .

T-MEZ made the B on Sat With a WHEEL standing side by side finish with Sammy Swindell at the checker with Sammy winning by 3/1000 of a second! on SAT. Raced from the mid pack to run 2nd . I had Speed T-V gang in my pocket and all the safety crew Watching and cheering and when he came by me after the race we gave each other a Thumbs UP and everyone was clapping , and I looked at speed tv and said we do a interview and up the ramp we went and straight to T-MEZ we go He had Just got out of the car.Check my Video .

We go back to turn 3 Exit for the A Main . For your Info I shoot with my New Nikon D-80 with a Tamron 2.8 70-200 in A mode Wide open 2.8 I pre focus on a sign on the inside hold it and when the Midgets come by at really FAST I just stand on the clicker and let the auto focus do its thing ! It will show MOTION but find the 2-T most of the time . Then I adjusted on Thr. I very little panning space like 30-40 feet. so I just sports shoots both eyes open "as per My daughters Instruction" oh yea Amanda has the Eye also and so Dose My grand daughter Madysen ." be ready and hold the D-80 out in front and be READY it's a hard to get but take your best shots !

Oh NO FLASH ! as per Randy Allen a shooter from MICH. That I called after I saw his coverage of Johnny Benson Jr. Fire and Crash !

And the MUD dose HURT! I will have a Helmet next year !

I Will find a sweet spot that no one else is shooting from.!.! and be some what safe !

No I am not going to reread this cause this is the rest of the story!!!!!!!!!    




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