Jerry Gosse


Goose & Associate landed in Paxton, NE at about 6:30 pm after chasing a fantastic sunset to discover the quaint little Ole’s Steakhouse. After a quick gander at the menu along with a quick read of the history of the establishment and it’s somewhat eccentric founder we selected the deep fried pickles for starters along with a cold Coors light. (Yes, we did verify the cold factor, thanks to the new packaging using the temp sensitive ink) The pickles were mildly spicy and dilly, dipped in a  batter and fried crispy. Quite tasty.  Being seafood fans, we were immediately drawn to the Oysters on the menu. John, the resident manager, promptly filled us in on the specifics of this particular delicacy. He told us that the “Rocky Mountain Oysters” are harvested directly across the street at the oldest Nebraska market in the state and were sliced, breaded and fried in their very own kitchen. Furthermore, he guaranteed us they were the best Oysters you will ever eat.  After a rousing round of the usual jokes we settled into a plate of balls and have decided that John was quite possibly correct.  Excellent! Please try them yourself and see what you think. While you’re there be sure to walk around the establishment there is plenty for you to see as Ole was a well traveled man and has mounted his trophies to prove it.







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