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After a season of almost winning, like the weekend in Dodge City, Kansas when the 6G of Bryan Gossel Racing was going forward in the ASCS main event on Saturday night, when a front wing post broke and it spun him out. So, in the pits he comes, the pit crew does a Nascar pit stop. The next main event is a non-wing event. The pit crew takes the wings off, changes tires, add fuel, reset the chassis, push him off for the non-wing main event. He gets a great start and jumps into the lead.  There is a yellow flag.  On the restart he gets passed and is running second. The leaders car breaks and there is a yellow flag. Green flag, restart. He gets the lead back. Green/white checker, coming off turn four for the checkered flag, side by side, Gossel gets beat by six inches.  Great racing.


Back to the track on Sunday for the ASCS NCRA winged, sprint race. Draws a great pill, the poll in the last heat race. We look at the line up and the top four point leaders in the national series are in the heat race with us. Bryan takes the lead through one and two. Coming off two on the back stretch, the top four pass us and we come in fifth. Start the B and run second. Transfer to the A and starts in the last spot and finishes twelfth. Not a bad night, going forward, so far. Checkered flag. In the pits. Another Nascar pit stop by the crew. Tires, fuel, reset the chassis, take the wings off for the non-wing feature.  Starting in the fourth position, green flag.  Goes into turn one, stays high.  Comes off turn two in eight place.  Oops, the high side didnít work. Drops down into the inside and going forward.  Running fifth. Going for fourth into turn four, touches another carís tire. Oops, hang on! Thirty feet in the air is not the fastest way around the track. Get the scoop shovel out and shovel pieces into the trailer. The good thing about it, the wings didnít get bent.


Back to Colorado. Next race is Colorado National Speedway, pavement. The car is waded up and the motor is broken. He makes a phone call and borrows another race car, because heís only two points out of second place. Picks the car up and takes it to the shop. He puts all his bars and shocks on it and sets the car up. Makes the feature. Racing for second. Three laps to go. A 10/32 screw that holds the accelerator linkage to the gas pedal falls off. Bryanís comment, thatís the only bolt I didnít check.


Friday night. Time to go to work on the car. Itís late. Better change the oil. Oops, got metal sticking to the magnet.  1 am in the morning, pull the motor. Replace the mains and rods. Load the car and be at the track at 10 am. Last race of the season. Times in sixth fastest. Wins the B feature. Sitting on the poll for the main event line up. In between the races, the crew keeps an eye on the track temperature. A feature starts, green flag and Gossel takes the lead and never looks back. 25 laps, start to finish, Bryan Gossel wins his first A feature in the sprint car division. The sprint car division holds the fastest track  record by a competitor in the 13 second bracket.


Post-racing inspection. Crew chief Nate Edwards, checks the set up and it was just like he sent it out. The same tire stagger going out and coming back. A great way to end the racing season in 2007 with the win and finishing third in points at Colorado National Speedway.


Thanks to all the sponsors, crew and family for all their great support this year. Article by dad, Jerry Gossel. reporter









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