Drag Racing Babe

Lexi Bathe



My time at the drag races was AMAZING!!!!

I mean the only racing that I find interesting is drag racing. It was my first time at the Coles county drag way. Really my first time at the drag races ever. Usually I donít like going to the races because of the noise but I got used to the sounds of the racing engines and loved it.  

I actually loved it so much Iím thinking about becoming a drag racer my self. I was out there watching them race and just being there hearing the roar of the engine and the smell of the fuel was an adrenaline rush. When they started the eliminations it was great. You got to see your favorite cars from earlier in the day race against other cars. 

They did it in tears from the first two time trials to the first two rounds of elimination. I defiantly enjoyed being there. It was like a little kid being at the carnival for the first time. I didnít want to leave. But I had to. If I had a choice I would stay there the whole time.  

But when my momís friendís boyfriend Jim Brigham lost we left but everyone was pretty tired form the whole day I was glad to be home and in bed. That is a sign of a completely just amazing!!!! Believe me when I go home that tired it is a very sure fire sign I had a really good time.  

I donít think there really are any words to describe the time. I amazing is just part of the very few words that describe the time that I had. So if you really want to know how I felt going to those races you NEED to go to the Coles county drag way.       


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