07/31/08 11:00 a.m.

Track Reporter: Sue Doane


I had the opportunity to sit down and get personal with Tony Stewart before the Brickyard 400 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Sunday, July 27, 2008. 


When I asked him about what some of the features will be in his Log Mansion he gave me some brief highlights: 2 bowling lanes, Theater, Schlitz on tap, Full bar, Poker Room, 400 Fenced-in acres and the
Nature preserve.


Tony has built a beautiful home on high land for the couple that takes care of his property. He is currently living in their basement. But, don't worry. Tony said, "Hey-it's a nice basement!"

Curiosity intrigued me to ask about the Armour All Commercial:

The convenience store that he was taped standing in front of was an actual Mom & Pop convenience store not far from his North Carolina home. When asked him if he enjoyed the filming of the girl kissing him, he had a great story for me. He said that what we didn't get to see was the part where the girl was supposed to run and jump on him. AND he wasn't supposed to move!

Tony said, "A moving object just doesn't stop moving, you know. Plus, she wasn't a real tiny girl!"

So, they just made it where Tony stands there while getting covered with smooches. However, the make-up girl was the one that actually applied the lipstick marks on his face!

Talked about dirt racing at Macon Speedway:

He really loves racing at the "little bullring" and was scheduled to race there on Wednesday, July 30, 2008. However, it was rained out and rescheduled for Sept. 3, 2008.

People often wonder about the Sponsors, so I asked:

Home Depot and Tony Stewart both have contract with JGR. So, the sponsor stays with the owner, for the most part, if a driver leaves. So, Tony's new sponsors will have a contract with him, as driver and owner.


It was brought up and asked why he decided thought it was a good idea to go ahead with team in NASCAR on the Cup level. He said that it is too hard to just leave the sport 100% when you retire. He mentioned Ricky Rudd, for example. Ricky left and came back.

He doesn't want to do it like that. He wants to be able to keep himself in the thick of things when he stops racing. So, what better way than with his own team.

He went on to talk about Brett Favre. He said, "Look at Brett Favre. One of the strongest, most fearless men in football. The man wept on national TV as he talked about retiring." Tony said it was like they were taking his life away (paraphrased.) That's one of the reasons he did this.

On a personal and special note, I asked about his niece and nephew:

Uncle Tony thinks the world of Emma and Will. It is obvious to anyone that sees them together that he is a real part of their lives and that they are tops in his eyes.
Tony admits, however, that he and Natalie were "total brats" compared to the well-behaved pair.

When talking about the Arena Racing coming up:

Tony wants to be involved with the new arena racing scheduled for December 2008 in Kansas. However, he doubts he will be there or at the Chili Bowl this coming year.

The 2009 Prelude at Eldora, however, is already in the planning stages.

I had a brief moment when I caught Robby Gordon and was able to get a few questions answered:

Robby was attending an autograph signing for one of his sponsors and I had the pleasure of speaking with him. He was in a great hurry, but was kind enough to answer a couple of questions for me.

Was he ready for the Brickyard? How's the car handling?

He said he was not pleased with his qualifying effort-thought they could have been better, but he really thought the car was good.

Robby finished 33 and started in the 29th position.

That's it from your roving reporter!




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