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Hello Racefans, well I tried selling MAARN News  last week and it was a great way to break the ice and talk to drivers. I also would ask the drivers to stand in front of there car for a few photographs. All of this I do to promote the drivers and the area local tracks that entertain us week in and week out. I honestly do not care about how much money I make as this is very enjoyable work if you wanna call it actual labor.


     My friend in Valparaiso,Indiana emailed me and wanted to talk about track announcers.His name is Dale Weis and he attends Illiana (IN) Speedway when his work schedule will allow him to. There is one particular dirt track here in Indiana that has had this young announcer for about 5 years or so that is not very informative. When I go to a racetrack weekly program no matter if it is a pavement or dirt track i want to be kept informed. In my opinion trtack announcer sbould announce the finishing order of every race and also the current running order in a race. This particular dirt track does not have a scoreboard which is useful in at least giving fans the running order of the top five positions. There are many styles of scoreboards some have the top ten running order. I feel all tracks shoul have a scoreboard and I dont understand why tracks do not call companies like Coke or Pepsi sometimes they will donate the money to pay for a scoreboard. At least if you have a scoreboard that takes some pressure off of the track announcer announcing the running order. When I trackchase that is one big thing I look for is a scoreboard.


      I think some track announcers after awhile assume you are a diehard fan and that you are at that track every week to where you get to know who each driver is in there cars.This is not  fair to new people that occasionally come to a race. Your occasional racefan is not as well informed as your diehards like me who watch the track websites like  a hawk looking for scoops and new information each week.


      Some track announcers are more talented than others they have to be fast like an auctioneer to rattle off starting lineups very quickly in between races!


      Congratulations to Ryan Amonett who won the Thundercar Feature Saturday may 9th at Mt. Lawn. Ryan deserves this feature win after so much bad luck recently.L.J. Lines won the Late Model Feature at Mt Lawn (IN) Speedway Saturday nite. I still have no idea where Eddie and Kevin Claborn are racing since they skipped both Anderson and Mt. Lawn (IN) Speedways completely!


       This Sunday will be the Opening Night for the Internationa Outlaw Figure 8 Series at the Whitesville,KY track called Kentucky Motor Speedway. I am very excited about this new traveling racing series on the figure 8 course!
       I have a question which is how well can you hear the announcer when races are getting started? Anderson (IN) Speedway needs mre lighting,i think the tracks too dark for my camera. Anderson Speedway also could use a new PA syttem or they have the volumn turned down too low. Mt. Lawn (IN) Speedway has a strong and loud PA system that can be heard when racing is going  on.


       Each racetrack has a different spectator area setup. Do you prefer a track that allows you to bring coolers in with you?Or do u prefer a track with only a grandstand but they have no lawn chair seating? Mt Lawn (IN) Speedway has both lawn chair ,and grandstand seating. Coolers are allowed only at Salem (IN) Speedway as far as asphalt tracks go in this area. I think this is why i love going to Salem (IN) Speedway any chance that i get! Any info,news,or comments email to Gotta go see you at the races!!!
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