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Indianapolis,IN     By Tom Botos     6-7-09
Wow! is the only way I can describe another awesome racing weekend has just passed as I went to Kilkare (OH) Speedway Friday Night for the Main Event Series Late Models and it is an awesome racetrack with nice and cordial people running the place and I might add is a very well run racetrack as well! If you ever get a chance to go to Kilkare Speedway I highly reccomend it!!! I think they said they had 26 late models in attendance. The track is a 1/3 mile and very fast and with its weird 5 turn configuration it reminded me of the old Louisville (KY) Speedway and Mt. Lawn (IN) Speedway. On the Backstretch in the pits area grandstand they sit very very close to the track I was in awe of the speeds those Late Models go down that backshute straightaway!
I met fellow columnist and writer Jerry Wahl and it was an absolute pleasure meeting him! Everyone in the tower was very friendly too and gave me printed race results and time trial results for the late models which is very important and always nice to have to send results to our midwest area websites and MAARN News!Jerry Wahl I must say that Adam Mackey is an awesome racing announcer and enjoyed the "coverage" I almost felt like I was at a Nascar race but this was much much better. I have wanted to go to Kilkare for years just never could find the time and I am so very glad I did..
Saturday Night at Mt. Lawn (IN) Speedway the racing was absolutely off the hook!! From the Dashes all the way to the features it was door to door fender to fender sheet metal banging racing!!! I knew from that 1st dash it was gonna be "one of those nights" at the Mt. Lawn (IN) Speedway. The grandstands were not standing room only but they were packed pretty dog gone full! I had to walk much farther to get to my car. My best friend was like "man are we gonna get a decent seat". It is nice to worry about seats for a change in this dismal economy with gas at $2.89 everywhere here in Indiana!
Scott Knepley won the Late model feature Saturday Night at Mt. Lawn Speedway.Ryan Amonett won the Thundercar Feature.Scott Knepley has won 3 late model features now and is the points leader as is Ryan Amonett in Thundercars as Ryan has at least two Thundercar feature wins.
Both Claborn brothers are back and racing at Mt. Lawn which is good to see. I am not sure if they raced at all while they were gone. Eddie Claborn was in his #00 Thundercar while Kevin Claborn was in his familiar yellow #17 Late Model.Eric evans suffered a flat tire in the heat race and was wrecked out in the late model feature near the famous Mt. Lawn short turn. Eric Evans is the 2008 Mt Lawn Speedway Late Model track champion. Terry Cater who was 2nd in late model points last year has not yet won a late model feature but his car is fast and very strong and I am sure he will have a hot streak of luck real soon.
Coming up this weekend June 13th at Mt. Lawn (IN) Speedway will be the CRA Street Stocks in a wild and woolly 75 lapper! The UMRA MIdgets will also be appearing along with the Hornet Division. Both the late models and the thundercars have the night off.
The  IOFS International Outlaw Figure 8 Series has there 2nd outing at the Plymouth (IN) Speedway with a 50 lap feature along with heat races. I may be riding up to Plymouth Speedway with Charlie Hargraves one of the series founders and competitors.It should be an interesting race on that 3/8 mile semi banked bullring at Plymouth!
I met Todd Ridgeway Briefly at Kilkare (OH) Speedway which was very nice shaking his hand while he was taking pics of Super Lates in the infield at Kilkare.I did not meet Adam Mackey officially but I am sure I chatted with him briefly in the Kilkare Speedway tower.
Anderson (IN) Speedway has a  Thundercar Enduro 200 Saturday June 13th. The enduro race will draw a whose who field of area Thundercar drivers especially with Mt. Lawn not running Thundercars on saturday!!! Rod Phipps has won thundercar features at both Anderson and Mt. Lawn this season I bet he will return fot the enduro Saturday at Anderson. Ryan amonett sat below me in the bleachers at Anderson a few weeks ago I am not sure if he will race in the Thundercar 200 at Anderson?
Thursday July 11th Brownstown (IN) Speedway is hosting the UMP Summernationals! I have both Thursday and Friday off from work to cover this race and rest and relax and I expect a big field of cars as I believe Brownstown is kicking off the UMP Summernational Tour this season. My hero Mike Jewell is leading the Late Model points standings at Brownstown and I wish him the best of luck if he races Thursday night.
Wherever you go to the races this weekend take a few friends that never go to races of any kind.If the track sells MAARN News please buy one and take home a copy of written racing history home with you and keep it. I think our racing history that is in print is very important! By doing this you are supporting racing in the midwest which is what I am all about and that is promoting our weekly short track racers on both dirt and pavement each and every weekend. Email any news,notes or comments to Gotta go see you at the Races!!!

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