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Midwest Racing Roundup   by Tom Botos  6-28-10
Hello race fans as I write this I am cooked and sunburned from the races Sunday afternoon at Salem (IN) Speedway. I waht to go to Lincoln Park (IN) Speedway tonight for the UMP Summer Nationals but I look like a red lobster and my legs are in pain from the burns so I may have to set this race out and look forward to this upcoming weekend of racing to celebrate our nations Independence.
My Midwest Racing Driver of the Week is Dane Laster of Indianapolis,IN. He is currently a driver in the IOFS International Outlaw Figure 8 Series. Dame is driving the #13 car in teh ssries and his nickname is "Bartman". dane grew up going to races with his parents at was was then Indianapolis Raceway park and Lincoln Park Speedway in Putnamville,IN. Dane Laster was a crewman for a former 3 Hour World Figure 8 Champion Fred Bear Jr. Dane bought an ARCA Series car for $7000 and attempted to qualify but did not make the race. Dane says if money was not an issue he would race in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. Dane built a street stock and raced in one Kimmel Street Stock Series event at Kentucky Speedway. In the Firecracker 200 Street Stock race Dane wrecked as he hit the dip in turn two at Salem Speedway and was T-boned by another car luckily his car absorbed the impact and Dane was unhurt. Many fans were shocked as he walked away from that massive hard hit with no injuries. dane finished 17th in a street stock race at Winchester (IN) Speedway. Dane started out out in the hornet division at the Indianapolis Speedrome but after talking with him on the phone he seemes to enjoy figure 8 racing the most! dane owns the #9 car of Andy Shirley and the #56 car of Jimmy Vincent so they field three cars for the IOFS International Outlaw Figure 8 Series! Dane says Plymouth (IN) Speedway is his favorite track currently on the IOFS series schedule.  According to Dane the average cost to race each weekend with the cost of fuel,meals and admission fees is about $400 for each racing event event. Dane is by no means is not getting rich racing but he does all he can to put as my drivers on the track as he can. Dane has two more motors without cars in his posession. I think it is great that he helps out fellow drivers realize there dream and gove them the resources to put them on the track! It is for this reason that because of Dane Laster's love for the sport that is auto racing he is my Midwest Racing Driver of the Week!
I am very pleased to announce we have a new columnist/writer on board at its is Scott Rozner whom I selected as my Midwest Racing Fan of the Week last week in this column. Scott's column is called "The Inside Track" and I look forward to readimg his column in the future as he gives us the "inside scoop" as to whats going on at tracks like M-40 Speedway and Galesburg Speedways in Michigan. i feel the more columnists we have at the tracks each night gives us a different view and perspective on the racing scene at each track that we cover. I think fans enjoy this kind of column and I hope I am right on this!
My Midwest Racing Fan of the Week is John Courson originally from Warsaw,Indiana. John is the crew chief for late model driver Charlie Cotton who competes at New Paris (IN) Speedway. John's home track is New Paris (IN) Speedway. His favorite drivers are Tony Stewart,Paul Tracy and Charlie Cotton. John would like to go to M-40 Speedway and Kalamazoo more if they were nearby. John enjoys watching the HOSS Hoosier Outlaw Sprint series when they roll into New Paris Speedway. John has travled as far as mid ohio to watch the INDYCAR series on pavement. John is in favor of all tracks allowing in small coolers for the race fans. Joh  would improve how judgement calls are made by race directors and condense qualifying time to allow more practice time to improve car set-ups. John feels that by having more pratice will improve the quality of racing at every track. John would also align all division rules allowing cars from north,south,east and west as well as from other tracks to improve overall car counts and the racing as well!
John has been a race fan since 1976 and his favorite divison is the Street Stock Division. John likes how street stocks are built from the ground up and are not "built by buying things out of a catalogue".
John Courson has a message below to his friends involved in auto racing.
"I miss Tommy Davis,Tim Davis and Jerry Cannon being at New Paris Speedway every week"."To the fans love us or hate us we love seeing you in the grandstands every week your the reaon we do this week in and week out"."The racing community is a different breed of people and will help each other when the chips are down and you are in need" "most drivers will help each other out but once we pull into the concrete arena it is every man for himself and friendships go out the window until the race is over" Thanks to Lisa bahne and Dessin Rink for allowing us to use your cars and Charlie,Rose,and Kevin for this opportunity to crew chief." I cannot think of a better way to spend 20 plus weekends a year than at New Paris Speedway!"
I want to wish "Ledhead Bob Hughes" a very happy birthday celebration this weekend at New Paris. Bob was a Midwest Racing Fan of the Week and is devoted to the racing each week at New Paris as well. Bob has a street stock car that he is slowly working on in between family and work commitments. Bob said he is taking his time getting the car done and he says "When this car is done it will be done right and will be competitive" "I am not going out on the track unless the car is capable of winning"
Saturday Night at Anderson Speedway the CRA Sportsman 75 was won by a former New Paris Speedway driver Charlie Hanna. The race was fast and furious as Joe Beaver and Wes Russell Jr got together and both were sent to the tail thus handing the win to Charlie Hanna. the Sportsman feature was great with lots of battles and bumping and banging going on.Al Cook Jr. and Derrick Griffin were in the top ten but simply ran out of laps. I wonder what would happen it it was a 100 lap race?
On Sunday at Salem (IN) Speedway Rich Fenwick won the very first ever IOFS Outlaw Figure 8 Series race. Twenty three cars started the feature with R.J. Norton and Doug Greig finishing  second and third respectively. Frankie Kimmel won the Super Stock Feature and Brian Bayer won the Street Stock feature after Bayer squeezed Winston Wood into the wall. Winston Wood recovered from the scrape from the wall to finish second.
Coming this weekend at Anderson Speedway is Figure 8 Madness with school bus figure 8s and train figure 8 races on the track. The IOFS International Outlaw Figure 8 Series will compete Sunday July 4th at Anderson Speedway with the train and school bus figure 8s.
Saturday July 3rd will be the 41st Annual Raintree 100 for late models paying $2000 to the winner! Thunder cars and Hornets will be support classes saturday Night.Any news,notes or comments please email me at Gotta go see ya at the Races

Midwest Racing Roundup Tom Botos

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