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Is it the speed? Is it the History 

Is it the speed? Is it the History or is it the way the extreme banking juts out of pristine Indiana countryside, thrust skyward as if by some tectonic mishap? Whatever it is, there is something mystical about the hallowed grounds of Winchester speedway, and this weekend’s event, The Extreme Speed Challenge presented by Must See Racing is a spectacle rich in that mystic.

            It is exceedingly hard to describe the experience of seeing the Must see Sprint cars and Super modified on the ultra fast half mile track to those who have not yet seen a show there. In qualifying the cars slowly wind up to an ever increasing speed, the car coming to full sound on the backstretch , seated in the stands the roar of the engine builds on itself as the car rounds turn three and then four coming to the green flag as a thundering blur with the throttle held wide open. The prevailing line brings the machines perilously close to the outside walls at speeds near 140 miles per hour, the drivers absolutely hurl their cars into the corners and as a fan you wait on bated breath to see if the car will stick. The races are a rush of noise and color, and you watch on the edge of your seat as the drivers skillfully navigate the course  which is a daunting task even without the other competitors to contend with. Moveover, when the machines are at rest the sit along a pit road facing the grandstands , the vibrant colors glittering in the afternoon sun and all pit activity freely open to the gaze of those in the grandstands. For a race fan the experience is almost religious.

            You want more proof of how special it is seeing these machines at Winchester, check out Jojo Helberg’s record setting lap on the track website, seeing a lap like that in person is worth the trip in itself.

            Another reason to not miss Sunday’s show is the super modifieds themselves, these behemoths are a throw back to a different era where each car had its own identity. These cars are each uniquely designed, with a large articulating wings and a big block engine protruding from the left side of the car. Although a little off the times of the sprint cars due to their greater weight the super modifieds still fly around the half mile and are equally as intense to watch.

            Gates open at 10:00 am on Sunday and if possible you will want to be there early to take in as much action as possible, anytime a car is on the track at Winchester it can be exciting. Check the Winchester speedway website at or call (248) 535-5575 to order tickets, if you pre-order the tickets you will also receive a copy of the 2013 Must See Racing souvenir program.

            This event also kicks off the Must See Triple Crown, with subsequent races on at Anderson Speedway on Wednesday May 22nd  for the Must See Racing 60 and Saturday May 25th for the 65th running of the Payless Little 500. The Must See Super Modified series will also be in action on Monday May 20th for the Must See Racing 50 at Anderson Speedway.


















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