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For their 29th visit to Lorain County Speedway the drivers and teams of the Midwest Supermodified Association certainly did not hold back. In qualifying the previous track record set in 2010 by D. J.  Schullick at 12.124 by was broken first by Trent Stevens with a lap at 12.101. Then D. J. Schullick driving his new 94 numbered ride for the 2013 season came out and regained his record with a fervid lap of 11.932 seconds which translates into 113.1 mhp average around the 3/8 mile track , becoming  the first in track history to break into the elusive 11 second bracket. The record continued his family tradition of knowing the fast way around LCS as his Father Dave Schullick was the first to break into the 12 second bracket at the track. The top five in qualifying were in order D. J. Schullick , Trent Stevens , Charlie Schultz, Mike McVetta, and Kyle Edwards

In the first heat race the large crowd was wowed by the front row of the 36of John Henes on the Inside and 77 of Matt Marlow on the outside who each other raced side by side for the first three circuits. Marlow would gain the advantage coming out of 4 on the third lap and take off from the field to earn the heat race win , he would be followed to the line by the 94 of D. J. Schullick and the 36 of Henes. In Heat race two, it was the Trent Stevens show, storming to the top spot by lap two and setting sail, at the line the 11 of Kyle Edwards would come home second and 22 of Mike McVetta third.

The feature was a fast pace affair that went green to checkers uninterrupted,  the move of the evening came as the 77 of Matt Marlow surprised the front row of John Henes and the 49 of Jack Smith, by diving beneath the duel coming to the green and  making a three wide pass going into one to take the point. From there the race would settle in with Marlow trying to run away up front and the 19 of Trent Stevens and 94 of D. J. Schullick trying to claw their ways forward from fifth and sixth starting position respectfully.  It was Stevens who would finally run down Marlow on lap 25 and execute a masterful pass as Marlow would slip up coming out of four on lap 27. Stevens would be unchallenged for the final 3 laps and would come home victorious, Matt Marlow would hang on for second despite being hounded by the 94 or D. J. Schullick for the final 3 circuits. Schullick would claim third, the 7 of Charlie Schultz fouth and the 36 of Henes rounding out the top 5.

In Modified action it was quickly evident why the division had be gaining so much attention at Lorain. A strong Field of 23 cars were on Hand. In qualifying cars were remarkably close on speed, the 25 of John Bartlome earning the honors to be called fastest for the day. In the Dash it was the 53 of Mike Lawson taking the win. Heat one would go to the 99 Machine of Jeremy Hummrich after a scary yellow in which the 6 of Ryan Cypher would make hard contact with a set of tires guarding a light post on the infield. Cypher was not injured in the incident. Heat race two would eventually go to the 5 of Norm Taylor, after a slew of cautions would slow the race. Heat 3 would be captured by the 5 of Mark Smith. In the feature tight racing, and a little bumping and banging would be the story, the field getting through the first 28 laps of the 30 lap feature rather quickly. However it would take 4 attempts to get those final 2 laps in. The 40 of Tigh Shaffer would capture the win escaping the perils of the tight racing behind, the 5 of Norm Taylor would take second and the 5 of Mark Smith Third.


A nod should be given to the staff of Lorain for running the events quickly and efficiently last night, with racing action being over before 10:45


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