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Among them is Jack Smith

One of the reasons supermodified racing enjoys such a cult following is the many unique personalities involved in the sport . Among them is Jack Smith, a long time supermodfied driver affectionately called hippy by his fans.  Known to many as much for his hair and good humor as his prowess in supermodifieds, Smith has a great history in the division with multiple wins.

                Smith began his racing career in enduros and quickly decided upon becoming a weekly competitor in the Charger division at Sandusky Speedway in 1990. Smith honed his skills at Sandusky dominating the charger division in his first year and winning the track championship. Smith rapidly became prominent as a fan favorite always racing hard and always taking time to speak with his fans.  From chargers Jack moved up to the street stock division, enjoying much success and thrilling the crowd with his weekly battles with Denny Fisher at Sandusky. After many wins it seemed a great future in stock cars awaited Jack but that was not to be his path. Driving for years at Sandusky he had developed a love for the behemoth short track monsters we know as supermodifieds. In 1996 jack Smith first jumped behind the wheel of a super and immediately showed skills, swiftly becoming a front runner at both Sandusky and Lorain County Speedway, subsequently picking up wins at both tracks. In 2000 the weekly programs for supermodifieds had dissolved  at both tracks and the Midwest Supermodified Association was established where smithís Career would continue,. Jack would become a mainstay with the series in his beautiful 09 machines. In MSA Smith earned 4 wins two at Sandusky one at Lorain and one at the now defunct Mansfield Speedway.

In addition to being a great driver, Jack is also known for his mechanical and fabrication ability. Over his career he built and maintained several cars being both crew and driver.  In the winter of 2012 Jack sold his Supermodified, the rigors of keeping the car competitive becoming too much. Smith had spent the last year essentially working along on the machine.  The sale of the equipment was not to be the end for Smith in a supermodifed.  Smith most recently appeared at Lorain last weekend finding a ride Stout racing 49 machine. Although his immediate plans do not include anymore, appearances in the Supers, Smith is ready to pick up the helmet again at a momentís notice.

Smith plans on pioneering a modified later in the season when the build is complete to start another chapter in his career. The absence of his colorful personality from the supermodified scene leaves a void but it is our sincere hope the Jack will find a way to get back into the seat of a super again.


By Pete Smith

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