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The Sandusky Ohio area has been receiving more than its share of rain recently. Last Saturday Sandusky Speedway owner and promoter Kevin Jaycox was awakened by a call from one of his employees saying that there was a lot of water at the speedway.  That was quite an understatement. The water in the parking lot was tire high. The speedway had water up 9 feet from the inside berm.  Jaycox was faced with one of two decisions. He could cancel the upcoming Hy-Miler Nationals, stock the infield and hold a fishing derby or he could roll up his sleeves and put on this boots. The decision was an easy one for Jaycox. He called his employees and issued the order. “Start the pumps.” They started to pump water and then they pumped more water.  Jaycox calculated that they pumped more than 3.7 million gallons. Yes, that was 3.7 MILLION gallons. 

Last night was the opening night of the Hy-Miler weekend. It was the tradition fan appreciation night. One dollar to get in, one dollar hot dogs, one dollar 7-Up products and, by the way, one dollar beer. Now all Jaycox needed was fans to show up. And show up they did. Last night was the largest Thursday night Hy-Miler crowd by over 700 fans. The line-up included the Buckeye Super Sprints, Ohio Stocks, Street Stocks and Hobby stocks.

This was to be a family event with events for children. There are many tracks that would want to have their nightly attendance equal to the amount of children at Sandusky last night. There was a money toss for children 10 years old and younger.  For the children not lucky enough to find a penny or a quarter, Jaycox provided candy bars. No child left empty handed.

The race cars provided plenty of excitement and action but the highlight of the evening was the bicycle race.  The plan was for the race to be held on the front stretch.  However the participants apparently did not agree.  They decided to run the entire half mile. As they rounded the last turn Jaycox asked the huge crowd to stand and cheer for the children. 

Hy-Miller action continues tonight with ISMA Supermodifieds in a 40 laps feature coupled with a 25 lap feature for the Modifieds. The Hy-Miler weekend concludes on Saturday with a 100 lap contest for the ISMA Supermodifieds and the Top Speed Modifieds in a 50 lap feature.















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