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In Dayton, Ohio in the 1960s there was a group of friends that would meet weekly and go to area race tracks. The group originally made of mostly openwheel enthusiasts began having weekly meetings and in time, started bringing in sprint car drivers as guest speakers for the meetings. In 1969 founding member’s John "Shorty" Miller, Dale "Lucky" Lutz, Gene Moore, Jerry Wahl and Gene Bundy decided to formalize the group and it open to fans of all facets of motorsports, establishing the Dayton Auto Racing Fan club or DARF. In the years since DARF has grown to become one of the largest racing fan clubs in the country. However, DARF has proven itself to be more than a club for racing enthusiasts, being an organization whose charitable outreaches extend far beyond the racing community. Besides a Injured drivers fund, the group hosts several special events that benefit community charities including their popular “toys for Kids” Race car show.

Membership in DARF is a deal that’s hard to pass up costing just $15.00,  a very small investment will pay for itself over and over again with discounts and free admissions at over fifty racing events at over twenty tracks in the Michigan, Ohio and Indiana area.  In addition to all the discounts and free admissions members can expect special treatment at DARF events. Members also receive newsletters and have access to monthly meetings. For just $15.00 a member can see the savings add up into the hundreds of dollars over the course of a racing season and be helping injured drivers , helping promote the sport through outreach and aid several charities.  For more information or to become a member check the DARF website at


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