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Ice Breaker  Perfect Weather and New Tires Make For Lots of Action

by Rebecca Richards

Sunday, February, 24, 2004--Bradenton, FL
The Ice Breaker couldn't have had better weather. Partly sunny skies and mild temperatures kept the Hoosier tires cool enough for the racers to try out new cars and new tires while giving fans in attendance plenty of hot racing action. For the most part the drivers were pleased with the performance of the Hoosier tires and the added speed the Hoosiers contributed to the racing.

The Open Wheel Modifieds had fans on their feet as the battles for the second through sixth positions began with the green and didn't stop until the checkered flags waved. After
rubbing and racing hard though in the end it would finally end up being Wayne "The Rocketman" Jefferson claiming the win after leading the race every lap. Nobody could touch  the Rocketman.

Early in the race Lee Collins, Don Shields and Timmy Moore were three wide when Collins had suspension problems and had to retire from the race.
It was a disappointing day for Collins as he was the second fastest qualifier, with Wayne Anderson having the fast time of 15.11. Lee Collins had something for Anderson, but it wasn't meant to be.
After the caution, Shields would work his way to second position with Timmy Moore putting on the pressure. In the end it would be Wayne Jefferson in victory lane and Timmy Moore taking second.

The All American Late Model 125 lap race gave fans what they came for, lots of speed and action. Fast and furious from the start the late models had a warmer track surface to contend with besides each other. Door to door racing down the back stretch between Billy "Mr.Consistent" Bigley Jr. and Wayne Anderson had fans going wild with excitement. Bigley Jr. was the 4th fastest qualifier and worked hard maintaining his hard fought position only to lose it after a scuffle in turn two. Jimmy "Mr.Excitement" Cope who had suffered mechanical problems was intending to run the race but after a few laps, the problems ended up taking him out of the race.  In the end the victory would go to Chris Fontaine in the #47, followed by Wayne Anderson and on his tail was Billy Bigley, Jr. claiming the third position.
Even though the stands were not full to capacity, there was a good crowd considering the race was held up against the Rockingham race. Billy Bigley, Sr. stated,"It isn't the best idea to have a race against a big Busch race and that is probably why there aren't more fans here today. I sure hope they (the track owners) don't change to Saturday night racing because that would definitely hurt the fan count."

Billy Bigley Jr. will be running a Hooter's Pro Cup race at Lakeland in his new car and if all goes well, he will then go to New Smyrna.


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