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Childhood Antics Grows Into An Adult Passion

He's been compared to the greats in racing announcing, James Essex, Michael DeSpain and many others, Bloomington resident, Chris Nunn at 21 has come a long way since he paired up with Randal Wayne at Paragon Speedway in Indiana.

Chris was just a baby when his parents took him to his first race so they could watch his Great Uncle Ira Bastin race Late Models and later he would continue to be packed up and taken to watch another Uncle, Rusty Nunn race Street Stocks.
You could say Chris grew up at the races and as he grew, he became fascinated by the announcers at the track.

Boys will be boys and play in the dirt-but dirt was not enough for young Chris Nunn, he played announcer!

Piling mounds of dirt on his Papaw's picnic table racing his late model and sprint cars, he would pretend he was the announcer, naming the cars, drivers, sponsors and the moves on the track for hours upon hours.

Little did his parents, Felicia or Tony realize that their young son would not grow out of this-but instead his passion would GROW stronger. Looking back, Mom, Felicia, recalls, Chris spoke his first sentence at the age of one, and by the age of two could read and write. For his fifth birthday, Chris's parents, Tony and Felicia bought him a karaoke machine with a microphone so he could announce and make tapes. Laughing, Mrs. Nunn says, "He hasn't shut up since."  Dad, Tony says, "He almost drove us nuts around the house when he was little."
Both parents couldn't be prouder of their son or more supportive in his career choice.

Chris began thinking in his early teens, "Hey, I wonder if I could do this for real?"
In 2001 at Paragon Speedway when friend and mentor, Randal Wayne, was chatting with Chris and suggested that they do a two man announcer show. After all, Randal pointed out-there were two mikes, they should be used.
The crowd went wild! They loved it! Wayne dubbed Chris "Hollywood" and it became a permanent show for the rest of the season!
Chris was just 19 years old with a voice mature and clear, an enthusiasm that went through the fans and racers making the nights' events more exciting for everyone.


Chris had been highly recommended by one of Dirt Track Racing's well known announcers, Michael DeSpain formerly the Brownstown Announcer to take his place when he left his position and Chris jumped on it.
In 2002 Chris Nunn became Brownstown Speedway's announcer at 20 years of age.

The first night, Chris recalls, "I was a train wreck! I was so nervous trying to get everything organized, including information from drivers about their sponsors to breaks and getting used to cars that only race at Brownstown."
Proud as a peacock, Chris's Mom, Felicia has every right to be. Her son has earned the respect of many racers and race fans by meeting with them, getting their sponsor information and learning all he can about their chassis' and motors. He treats all race teams fairly and equally, if he has a favorite, he keeps it to himself. Chris Nunn is a dedicated and bright star for dirt track racing, promoting the sport with energy, and a positive attitude.
"My favorite thing Chris does during down time is talk with the children," says Mrs. Nunn. Many fans and racers appreciate this too as children are a racer's most loyal fan.

Written by Rebecca Richards
Copyright Protected 2003 May Not Be Reproduced

Rebecca Richards' Indiana column can be read in the Hoosier Marketing and her national column on the internet along with national racing information can be viewed at www.luvracin.com and  National Dirt Tracks - Home, http://proboards15.com

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