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Don't Call Her a Lady on the Track, She's All Racer Until She Goes Home by Rebecca Richards

Sara Brookover used to watch Jenny Thomas race at Tyler County Speedway with admiration. Cheering for Jenny as she sped around the track and wanting to be just like her.
"Jenny was so nice and she tried so hard! She is the only woman racer to date who has ever won a feature at Tyler County Speedway," said Sara.

Dreams and wishes do come true as Sara found out in 2000 when she began racing in the Pure Stock Class in 2000.
Sara soon discovered, with all dreams and wishes, there are challenges to be faced in racing, especially if you're a woman racing with the men. When asked if she was given a hard time, the tall, out going, blonde laughingly recalls,"You bet! The more flack I got the more determined I was to show people I could do it," she said.

One of the track owners who knows Sara, said, "She is an inspiration, she gives it right back to the guys, she won't take anything from them on the track."

Sara grew to be a crowd favorite for her spunk and skill. She didn't win a feature that year, but she did win Rookie of the Year at Tyler County Speedway much to her delight and surprise.

"I don't think I am anything special, I have always wanted to race and be like Jenny Thomas and that is what I am striving for,"said Sara.

2002 would bring even bigger things to Sara, she moved into the Super Stock class, racing the 68IOU1 Huff Chassis, 406 Chevy, Purple and Gold Super Stock sponsored by the VIP Club of Mineral Wells, West Virginia, Outlaw Graphic and Signs, of Georgia, Mitchell's Pizza of Middleburn, West Virginia, Main Street Bar of St. Mary's West Virginia, Outlaw Performance Dirt Track Bodies of St.Mary's, West Virginia, Hill Bar, of St. Mary's, Slumber Parties of Milford, Ohio and Friendly Bears of St.Mary's.

Sara is quick to give credit where credit is due. She said, "I couldn't have done this without the help of my husband Edgel, Gary and Linda Smith, Dave Hackathorn and Benny Hickel. They support me and keep me going. Already both of my daughters, Savanna, 8 and Meagan 4, want to race!"

Daughter, Savanna asked her Mom if she could take an autographed picture to her teacher, Sara happily obliged not thinking twice about it. That afternoon when Savanna returned from school, she said, "Mom, could I have four more pictures for my friends, they want one too." Sara was tickled and thought okay, why not, so the next day little Savanna went off to school with more signed photos only to return that afternoon asking for more!
Sara decided at this point, it would be better just to send one in to every one of her daughter's classmates. And that is exactly what she did!

"The most thrilling thing about racing for me is the children who come up after a race and say "Hey you did a great job" or "May I have your autograph?" or "I want to be just like you" and no matter how awful your night may have been, it makes it all worth while just knowing a child cares and wants to be like you." Sara said.

2002 was a landmark year for racer Sara Brookover, she was the first woman to compete in the Street Stock World Championship at Muskingum County Speedway and at the 8th Annual Dirt Track Racing Roundup, she was named the Street Stock Racing Sportsman of the Year!

One of Sara's most exciting moments in her racing career so far has been at Tyler County Speedway when she led her heat the entire race, seeing the checkered flag on the last lap, thinking, "OH MY GOSH! I'M GOING TO WIN! I'M GOING TO WIN!" and then jumping the cushion by mashing the gas in the last turn, allowing two cars to slip by her and coming in third!
Always one to look at the bright side, Sara said, "I may not have won that race, but I earned a lot of respect from the other drivers that night. But I always feel like I can do more."
Fans can expect to see more from Sara Brookover in the future as she has no plans on missing a race! Sara races at Skyline Speedway and Tyler County Speedway, stop by and say hello!

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