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Matt Westfall and Chris Garnes both cruise on to victories in the "Dan Reno Memorial"  at the Atomic Speedway



  A cold November night to remember a local racer Dan Reno. The night started out being delayed an hour or so because of a wreck on US 23 made it almost impossible to get to the track unless you knew the back roads. So they was originally going to start at 3:15 but ended up not getting started until around 4:30. The night saw a lot of raffle's and different events going on to help both the Reno family as well as Josh McGuire who was injured in a violent flip at the 201 speedway in Kentucky and was in the hospital for over a week for a fractured c1 vertebrae. Josh has been released to go home and the last time I heard was trying to find a way to get comfortable and stay that way at home. The Bradley Racing Apparel trailer was selling Josh McGuire "Get Well Soon" bumper stickers(decals) and "Get well soon #41" bracelet's with all proceeds going to the McGuire family. The drivers also did a walk thru the crowd with their helmets to collect money and they also had a raffle for 3 posters, a McGuire, an Eddie Carrier Jr and a Charlie Swartz poster with all the proceeds going to the McGuire's. Also Jason Montgomery's car owner of the # X modified is auctioning off 5 body panels off of the car. Atomic Speedway owner Brad McCown put up an offer that if anybody would pay $1000 for all 5 panels by November 8th that the buyer will get their name on the side of the modified for next season as well as an advertisement sign in the infield at the Atomic Speedway.

  Now for the racing action which got underway starting with the modified class. There was an extra $122 given away for fastest qualifier and $222 for the winner of the dash. Qualifying saw the track record broke twice, first by late model veteran Joe Meadows and finally it was blistered by Kenny Johnson with a time of 15.32 seconds. In the dash it was Matt Westfall picking up the extra $222 for winning the fast dash where Johnson had to pull out with a flat tire, so he had to settle for a 6th place starting position in the feature. Heat races were won by Jason Montgomery, Tony Roush, Greggie Oliver, and Dave Pinkerton. After the heat races they ended up taking a half hour break to grate the track and run it in which really paid off in the end and made for some exciting racing.

  In feature action Matt Westfall and Shawn Holiday brought the field around for the green flag. Westfall got a good start but Holiday stayed within striking distance for a most of the race. An early caution for a spinning Rich Michael, from New York, who would turn out to be the car to watch as he raced his way back up through the field. Michael would then show the local boys the best way around the track as it was his first time ever seeing the place and he was a man on a mission as he ran any line he could to make his way back up to a podium finish. Travis Dickson who was on the tail with Michael on that restart followed suit and made it up to the fifth place at the checkered flag. Shawn Holiday would get close to Westfall on the restarts but it seemed like the more green flag laps they had the better Westfall's car got as he would pull away from the field and went on to win the Dan Reno Memorial which paid $2,222 to win in his second time at the track and first time since 2000.

  In late model action West Virginia's Chris Garnes became the first repeat and back to back winner at the Atomic Speedway, for their first season back, as he lead all but one lap.

  The night got underway with qualifying with Jackie Boggs setting fast time on a rough race track. In the heat races Jackie backed his car into the turn 3 tires on the outside wall and scratched for the night. RJ Conley also ended up scratching for the night with a broken rear end as he didn't get to make the call for his heat race. Heat race wins went to Garnes, Tim Dohm and Wayne Chinn and the B-main was won by Jimmy Cobb.

  In feature action it was Chris Garnes getting a good jump on the field and darted into the lead. Tim Dohm and Freddie Carpenter both had their shots at the lead but Garnes held them off. It wasn't until after half way when Wayne Chinn moved up to the high side and looked like the car to beat and at one time had taken the lead away from Garnes only to have it taken away when the caution flag flew moving him back to the second position for the restart. On the restart Tim Dohm darted under Chinn just enough to let Garnes put a couple car lengths between him and Chinn. Then once Chinn got his car fired back up and started to run Garnes back down he slowed with mechanical woes bringing out a caution. After the restart Garnes rode off to the checkered flag winning his second feature in a row at the speedway. Rounding out the top five were Tim and Zack Dohm, Chad Smith and Andy Bond.  


**Notes from the race**

*Jackie Boggs carried the American flag during the national anthem to honor the late Dan Reno as the Reno family were in attendance selling "Dan Reno Memorial" t-shirts which were sold out by the end of the night

*Eddie and Jamie Carrier were in attendance to help with everything the track was doing for Josh McGuire. I also seen them going from driver to driver in the pits getting anything and everything they could to put in the auction that Eddie is having for the McGuire family

*The Atomic Speedway has already announced a couple big shows they plan on having in 2014 which includes a night on the Ohio Sprint Speedweek's with the AllStar Sprint Circuit as well as "The Night the Stars Come Out" which will see a $5,000 to win AllStar Sprint show and a $5,000 to win late model show

**I'd like to thank both Eddie and Jamie Carrier and the entire Atomic Speedway staff for stepping up to help a fallen racer. They really did a lot for Josh and Tracy McGuire and they're not done yet, race director JJ Linkous has been having auctions all week on Facebook auctioning off framed posters off various drivers with all proceeds going to the McGuire's**

*One other thing that really caught my attention was during intermission they were raffling off all sorts of stuff, but they gave four kids $100 each if they had the winning ticket. One of the kids that won the $100 put his money in with the money for McGuire, so that really made me feel good and I know it will make Josh feel good

*The last time I heard they were up to almost $3,000 that they had collected for the McGuire family

***I would like to thank track owner Brad McCown and the entire Atomic Speedway staff for their hospitality and for letting me be a part of their racing program and I can't wait to see everybody in 2014***














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