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            This race is to honor the memory of a good friend and fellow modified racer Greg Schilling. Greg raced modifieds with his brothers from 1991 to 2004 and he ran #99.

In 2003 Greg Schilling was diagnosed with colon cancer. He died November 25th, 2008. Within that time Greg remained optimistic about life. He realized the importance of helping others during difficult times. In September 2008 the community pulled together to help Greg & his family through a tough time in their life.

A memorial fund has been established in memory of Greg by his family. As this fund grows the money will be put back into the community in the form of scholarships for a Fort Frye and Waterford High School senior graduate in honor of Greg. To date, $5,000 has been donated in Scholarships to graduating seniors.

In addition to the scholarships, the fund also assists individuals or families that have an illness or a life altering event that requires financial assistance. To date, over $7,500 has been handed out to the following individuals.  

  • Family with medical crisis (They have two boys with Muscular Dystrophy.)
  • FOP Lodge (This is an organization that helps families during the Christmas Season that are struggling financially.)
  • Cancer patient #1
  • Cancer patient #2
  • Family with a 5 year old with Cancer.
  • Family #1 that their son was in an auto accident. (This was to help with traveling expenses.)
  • Cancer patient #3
  • Family with a 7 year old with Cancer.
  • Family #2 that their son was in an auto accident. (This was to help with traveling expenses.)
  • Cancer patient #4
  • Cancer patient #5
  • Cancer patient #6
  • Widow (Twenty One year old who lost her husband in a car accident. They have two children.)
  • Cancer patient #5 2nd time.
  • Gas cards for travel for family in need.
  • Cancer patient #7
  • Family in need for loss of everything in fire.


Your support is not just for a race, but for a person or a family in need and your donation would be greatly appreciated.

It is anticipated that June 28, 2013 will be bigger and better for the racers, the fans and the Memorial Fund than the previous 4 years. We hope you will be a part of this great event, which will be held at Skyline Speedway in Stewart, OH.

If you would like to be a sponsor of this race, please contact Kenny Johnson 304-615-2899 or Mike McPherson 740-590-3105 to be a part of this great event!

For the race, make checks payable to “Greg Schilling Memorial Fund” and mail to: Greg Schilling Memorial, c/o Kenny Johnson, P.O. Box 525, Washington, WV 26181. 
















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