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Mother Nature was on our side as a big weather front was heading our way, but mother nature said not this weekend, as a high pressure front over top of southern Ohio kept the weather away from the track, and it also helped us in our car count with Fridays show bringing in Lucas Oil drivers Steve Francis, Eddie Carrier Jr and Bobby Pierce. Saturday's show saw a lot of the local drivers leaving to go down to the 201 speedway but in their place we got some of the World of Outlaws since both they're races rained out over the weekend like the Lucas Oil races, Saturdays show saw the additions of Mike Marlar, Austin Hubbard, Tyler Reddick, Tim McCreadie, Steve Lucas, and Wayne Chinn but the car count was lower with only 31 cars to compete for the $12,000.
In Qualifying it was Mike Marlar setting fast time with a 15.868 lap time. 
There was 3 heat races to decide what cars made the big show and what cars had to make a last ditch effort in the B-Main. The heats were 10 laps and the top 6 transfered to the A-main with the rest go on to the B-main. Also the top 2 finishers in each heat race went on to the dash as well as the top 2 finishers from Fridays show that did not already make the dash to make it an 8 car dash to determine the top 4 rows of the feature.
Heat # 1 started like this: 28 Eddie Carrier Jr, 15 Steve Francis, 5B Mike Marlar, 11 Austin Hubbard, 63 Doug Drown, 3 Russ McCastri, 25Z Mason Zigler, 20p Scott Peltz, 39 Tim McCreadie, 5C Jacob Curnutte, 71C RJ Conley. It started out with Francis jumping out to the lead with Carrier and Marlar in tow. The first caution came out on lap 3 for a slowing Peltz. On the restart Francis got a good restart with Carrier in 2nd until lap 5 when Carrier slowed with a flat tire. After the restart Francis kept onto the lead and went on to the win, following him across the line was Marlar, McCreadie, RJ Conley, Drown and Zigler.
Heat 2 started like this: 49 Jonathan Davenport, 5B Jared Landers, 4B Jackie Boggs, 32 Bobby Pierce, 71 Delmas Conley, C9 Steve Casebolt, 115 Tim Dohm, 71R Rod Conley, 11 Tyler Reddick. At the start of the race the top 2 starters made contact causing Landers to pull out on lap 2 and Davenport tried to stay out but ended up pulling out on lap 6. After the contact that gave Boggs the lead and he never looked back, following him across the line was Tim McCreadie, Steve Casebolt, Tim Dohm, Delmas Conley, Rod Conley, and Tommy Carlton.
Heat 3 started like this: 99 Donnie Moran, 37 Jared Hawkins, 11 Brad Neat, 17 Zack Dohm, 11 Tyler Reddick, 1 Wayne Chinn, 41 Josh McGuire, 5L Steve Lucas, 20 Nick Sansom. A caution free race saw Dresden Ohio's Donnie Moran lead flag to flag with Brad Neat, Tyler Reddick, Zack Dohm, Josh McGuire, and Wayne Chinn following him across the line. 
The B-main was the final attempt for some drivers to transfer on to the Southern 100 60 lap event. The line-up looked like this: 20M Nick Sansom, 5 Jared Landers, 11 Austin Hubbard, 11 DJ Wells, 3 McCastri, 17c Tommy Carlton, 5L Steve Lucas, 28 Eddie Carrier Jr, and 11P Scott Peltz. The 49 of Jonathan Davenport was supposed to start the B-Main but did not make the call. At the drop of the green flag Pole sitter Sansom started drifting towards the back as Landers jumped out to the lead with Delaware's Austin Hubbard in tow. Eddie Carrier Jr was on the move but fell one spot short from making the feature. Jared Landers and Austin Hubbard finished first and second and moved on to the Southern 100.
Next on the agenda was the 8 car fast dash to determine the top 4 rows of the feature. It started like this: 15 Steve Francis, 4B Jackie Boggs, 99 Donnie Moran, 5b Mike Marlar, 32 Bobby Pierce, 11 Brad Neat from the heat races and 63 Doug Drown, and 115 Tim Dohm were the top finishers from Friday night's race that didn't make dash thru Saturday's heat races. The dash finished Jackie Boggs, Steve Francis, Mike Marlar, Donnie Moran, Tim Dohm, Doug Drown, Brad Neat, and Bobby Pierce.
Finally it was time for the 60 lap Southern 100 feature event and with all the Lucas Oil and World of Outlaw's in the field mixed in with a good group of locals and a couple outsider's it looked to be a good race, and that it was. It lined-up like this: 4B Jackie Boggs, 15 Steve Francis, 5B Mike Marlar, 99 Donnie Moran, 115 Tim Dohm, 63 Doug Drown, 11 Brad Neat, 32 Bobby Pierce, 39 Tim McCreadie, C9 Steve Casebolt, 11 Tyler Reddick, 71C RJ Conley, 71 Delmas Conley, 17 Zack Dohm, 25 Mason Zigler, 71r Rod Conley, 41 Josh McGuire, 1 Wayne Chinn, 5 Jared Landers, 11 Austin Hubbard. It looked to be a stellar show with a stellar field, Jackie Boggs got the jump at the drop of the green with Moran getting a good jump to take over the second position and once they crossed the start/finish line on the third circuit Boggs slowed to bring out the races first caution. Moran inherited the lead at the restart and in another 2 laps the caution came out for a spinning McGuire, during the caution Mike Marlar. Moran still held the lead and lead up until lap 8 when Francis with a good run got around him to take over the lead and Drown followed in to second place. Then the two leaders make contact and spin out right after the caution flag waved for slow car so they both got their spots back. On the restart Francis held the lead until lap 25 when Drown had a good run and got by Francis as well as Tim Dohm, then in turn 2 Francis slowed and pulled off. The restart the line-up was Drown, Dohm, Moran, McCreadie, and RJ Conley. On the restart Drown showed he had the car to beat as he started to pull away. At the halfway mark Drown held the lead with 9th place starting Tim McCreadie now up to second with Tim Dohm third, RJ Conley fourth and Donnie Moran rounded out the top five. Moving up through the field at this point was 17th starter Josh McGuire and Mike Marlar who had to change a tire at the beginning of the race. It wasn't until lap 45 when Tim McCreadie started to show what he had as he started putting pressure on the leader and on lap 47 he got around Drown and pulled away. McCreadie looked like he had the race in the bag until lap 51 when his right front tire went down and he had to pull into the infield. Drown inherited the lead back and had to hold off a charging RJ Conley to win the 60 lap $12,000 to win Southern 100. Mike Marlar climbed his way back up to finish third with Josh McGuire finishing fourth and B-Main winner Austin Hubbard from the last row rounded out the top five. Drown was histatic in victory lane as it wasn't no easy win. There was 6 lead changes with 5 different leaders.
For being a 2 day show the track held up really good and was super fast. The track was ready for any kind of action including having a lifeflight helicopter on site just in case but luckily it wasn't needed. I'd like to take this time to thank the track for letting me come down there for their 2 day show, which is their biggest race of the year. This Southern 100 was the 18th annual event with drivers such as Pat Patrick, Charlie Swartz, Delmas Conley, Black Jack Boggs, Larry Moore and Bob Pierce (who was at the track with is 16 year old son Bobby Pierce). The race first started in 1976 and went until 1985, then it came back in 1990 and 1991, and them took a break 1995 and kept going until 1998, then the race went for a long break as the track sat idle for years until former Rocky Top Speedway promoters TJ Layne and the Harmon family opened it back up in 2011 and once again the Southern 100 made a come back in 2012 with Greggie Oliver and Eddie Carrier Jr winning the prelims and Eddie Carrier Jr Also won the big money that year. This year saw a different format, which I think was the best so far.    














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