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Skyline Speedway "Harvest 50" 9/28/13



Jackie Boggs continues his winning ways as he stays smart and patient and outguns the competition to win the Harvest 50 @ the Skyline Speedway, while Smith and Ebert won the OVSCA & modified portion of the race

  With racing season winding down I made my first trip to the Skyline Speedway in Stewart Ohio in 3 years. I used to go there with my dad every single Friday night for a long time, but haven't made the trip in years. This was the 30th annual running of the Harvest 50, lots of big names are on the past winners list including such drivers as: Rodney Combs(84), Bob Adams Jr(85, 89 & 91), Mike Smith(86 & 88), Harold Redman Sr(87), Butch McGill(90), Steve Shaver(92, 93, 94, 96, 05 & 07), Mike McDaniel(95), Todd Kane(97 changed to a sprint race for 1 year), Harold Redman Jr(98), Larry bond(99), Scott James(00), Paul Wilmouth Jr(01), Steve Lucas(02), Steve Casebolt(03), Robbie Blair(04), Josh McGuire(06, 08, 09 & 12)), Zack Dohm(10), and Eddie Carrier Jr(12).
 This years running of the race paid $5,000 to the winner of the late models. Also running with the late models was the OVSCA 410 sprint series paying them $2,500 to win and AMRA modifieds running for a $1,500 top prize.
  I ended up getting to the track before the gates even opened and watched hauler after hauler pour into the speedway with a final count of 43 late models, 21 OVSCA sprints and 51 modifieds filled the pit area. So with 115 total cars in the pits and a full night of racing ahead of us, it looked like it was going to be an action packed night of racing, and that it was.
  At about 8 o'clock they got the first hot lap session on the speedway. Then they qualified every car in the pits, so that took a pretty long time. But finally it was time for the racing to start.
  The fast qualifiers in each division were Steve Shaver in late models, Josh Davis in OVSCA sprints and Jeremy Berwanger in the modified division. In preliminary action Steve Shaver, Jackie Boggs, Tim Dohm, Harold Redman Jr, and Zack Dohm all won their respective heat races. In sprint preliminary's it was Jim Nier, Kory Crabtree and Nathan Skaggs all won their heat races and in Modified action saw Jeremy Berwanger, Kenny Johnson, Robert Garnes, Roy Roush, and Jason Brooks all won their heats. Then was the last chance races, the late model C-main went to Jason Gillian with  Darrin Roush, and Kenny Newhouse all transferring to the B-main. In the B-main it was Nick Dohm taking the win with Travis Brookover, and Colten Burdette all transferring to the main event. In Sprint B-main action it was Wayne McPeek, Bob Tucker, and Chuck Waddell moving on to the feature event. The modified C-Main saw Jeremy Blake moving on to the B-main, and in the B-main Rick Venham, John Burdette and Robbie Evans all moved on to the A-main.
  Now was time for the "Harvest 50" a 50 lap main event paying $5,000 to the winner. The lineup saw Steve Shaver and Jackie Boggs starting on the front row. At the drop of the green flag Shaver got the jump and lead the first 3 circuits with Tim Dohm in tow and Boggs slipping back to the 3rd position. Then on the 3rd lap Tim Dohm would start putting pressure on Shaver and made the pass on the 4th lap with Boggs getting by Shaver a lap later. It was then a three car battle for the lead as the three leaders were working their way through lapped traffic. After working many grooves to try to make the pass on Dohm, the two would swap positions for a few laps before Boggs finally got the job done on lap 24. With Boggs building a healthy lead Shaver started to come back into the picture as he got all the way up on the wall and was screaming through the turns as he caught back up to Dohms rear end and started putting pressure on him. Shaver worked lap after lap to get a move on Dohm and right when he finally got the job done and made the pass the lapped machine of KC Burdette was in his lane and Shaver got into the back of Burdette as Dohm got back around Shaver. The race went 50 laps without a caution which made for an interesting race. At the end of the night it was Jackie Boggs driving off with the checkered flag with Tim Dohm and Steve Shaver following him across the line. Zack Dohm came across the line in forth and Corey Conley rounded out the top five. Chris Garnes, KC Burdette, Travis Brookover, Freddie Carpenter and Tyler Carpenter rounded out the top ten. Former winner of the race Josh McGuire made it up to the forth position and started to reel in the leaders but ended his night after hitting the wall on the backstretch just passed halfway ending his night.
  After picking up the win the winner Jackie Boggs said in a post race interview "It was just a matter of being really smart. The track looked wet but it really wasn't. It was really slick and hard to figure out. I think we made the right tire choice and just held on. I like this place. I hadn't been here for a while and it was good to come up here and win. I would like to thank my crew, they really had this Swartz Chassis hooked up tonight. Boggs' Swartz car had a homebuilt engine built by crew men Marty Walker and Kenny Hemman."
  Tim Dohm said in his post race interview "I got some good starts. I went softer on tire compound than anyone else and the car really took off in the beginning. My tires made it 30 laps, but we needed them for 50."
  They also interviewed Steve Shaver after the race and he said "I went with a little harder tire. I was good the latter part of the race and thought I had a good race car all night. I just couldn't get the traffic going in my favor. Every time I made a run, a car would be in my groove, but that's racin'...those guys are racing for position too. We came here to learn some things with this car(Longhorn Chassis) and we learned some things tonight."  

***Harvest 50 results: Jackie Boggs, Tim Dohm, Steve Shaver, Zack Dohm, Corey Conley, Chris Garnes, KC Burdette, Travis Brookover, Freddie Carpenter, Tyler Carpenter, Nick Dohm, Tom Hendrix, Steve Bigley, Josh McGuire, Ronnie Mayle, Chris Combs, Harold Redman Jr,  Colten Burdette***
**OVSCA 410 sprints results: Danny Smith, Nathan Skaggs, Jim Nier, Josh Davis, Jimmy Stinson, Aaron Higgins, Sam Ashworth, Ryan Broughton, Mark Imler, Chuck Waddell, Bob Tucker, Kory Crabtree, Jesse McCreary, Wayne McPeek, Keith Baxter, Brian Benson, Dave Dickson, Wes McGlumphy**
*Octane AMRA Modified results: Dan Ebert, Jeremy Berwanger, Tyler Evans, Kenny Johnson, Robbie Evans, Roy Roush, Robert Garnes, Jason Brooks, Vince Conrad, John Burdette, JC Casto, Tony Roush, James Dennis, Derrick Smith, Rick Venham, Nick Corbitt, Kyle Bond, Andy Bond*
Notes from the race: This track is famous for having 3 grooves and at one point in the race the 3 leaders all were in different grooves, Boggs was on the very bottom, Dohm was in the middle of the track and Shaver was right on the wall. Going through traffic that can get intense.














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