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Billy Moyer outguns the competition as well as Mother Nature to win the LOLMDS "Pepsi 50" 
  8/31/13 Portsmouth Raceway Park in Portsmouth Ohio

  Mother Nature decided she finally wanted to see a Lucas Oil race at the Portsmouth Raceway Park, after what most fans were calling a jinx. It seemed like every time the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series came to town so would mother nature and her weather. With a high threat level for rain in the area they decided to go on with the show. They were running on schedule even though a big shower came thru about 3 hours before start time. Tim Coleman did an awesome job at getting the track ready for race time.
  37 late models poured into the track in time for hot laps with a stout field of cars ready to race for the $15,000 top prize. In qualifying it was local favorite Jackie Boggs setting the fastest qualifying lap. In heat race action the first heat race went to Doug Drown followed by Boggs, Steve Francis, Donnie Moran, Jared Landers, Billy Moyer Jr, JT Conley and Joe Ramey with the top 4 cars moving on to the big dance. In the 2nd heat race it was local boys Josh McGuire and Rod Conley crossing the finish line 1st & 2nd with Steve Shaver, & Eddie Carrier Jr moving on to the feature with Zack Dohm, John Blankenship, Josh Bocook, Paul Davis and Brett Kennard rounding out the rest of the field and moving on to the B-main. The 3rd heat race went to Hall of Famer Billy Moyer with Mike Marlar, Earl Pearson Jr, and Mark Frazier making the feature and Scott Bloomquist, Nick Bocook, Ben Adkins, Devin Moran and Delmas Conley all moving on to try again in the B-main. The 4th and final heat race went to current points leader Jimmy Owens with Jason Feger, Dennis Erb Jr, and Brian Birkhofer all transferring to the A-main and Russ King, RJ Conley, Jason Montgomery, Justin Ratliff and Doug Kenworthy all going on to the B-main.
  In the last chance races the first of two saw Zack Dohm, John Blankenship and Billy Moyer Jr moving on to the Pepsi 50, in the second B-main it was Scott Bloomquist taking the win and local boys Nick Bocook and Ben Adkins moving on. The few cars that did not make the show through their heat races or B-mains were as follows: JT Conley, Joe Ramey, Brett Kennard, Josh Bocook, Mick Sansom, Devin Moran, Delmas Conley, Jason Montgomery, Justin Ratliff, Doug Kenworthy, RJ Conley and Russ King all failed to move on to the big show.
  So the field was set minus a few provisional starters who were added to make the field complete, they added 3 provisional starters one for Lucas Oil one for the track and one fast time provisional. The Lucas Oil provisional went to Jared Landers, the track provisional went to RJ Conley and the fast time provisional went to Joe Ramey. So that set the starting field for the Pepsi 50 River Days Rumble.
  With rain shower's not even 20 miles up the road in Peebles they prepared the drivers that they were going to have to hurry so they pushed all the races for the other classes back to after the late model feature to ensure that we would at least get to half-way before the rain set in. I have been to many race tracks and have seen just about every major touring series there has been and I've never seen a group so determined to get their race in, I've seen tracks cancel when there is just a chance of rain so for a track to race knowing there was a 60% chance of rain and had already seen rain earlier in the day that just goes to show you that they are there for the drivers as well as the fans to make sure everybody gets their money's worth.
  With that being said they pulled the feature out onto the track at around 9:00 and it was over with before 10:00 and it never rained a drop the entire time the late models were on the track.
  Doug Drown brought the field to the green flag with Billy Moyer along side.  Moyer got the jump as he took the lead and never looked back. Jimmy Owens worked his way around McGuire and Drown to run 2nd and put pressure on Moyer for most of the early stages of the race but even with numerous caution flags slowing the race Moyer would still jump out with an advantage on the restarts. Dennis Erb moved up from the 12th starting spot to finish 3rd. Scott Bloomquist took advantage of the Delaware double-file restarts as he was the hard charger marching forward from his 18th starting spot to finish 4th, and Jason Feger moved up 3 positions to finish in the 5th position. Rounding out the top ten was Steve Francis, Doug Drown, Rod Conley, Steve Shaver and  Billy Moyer Jr moving up from his 21st starting position to finish 10th.














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