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Southern Ohio Speedway's "Southern 100 Tune-up" Results for 4/26/13

  It was a beautiful night for racing with a slight chill to the air, which made for one tacky fast track. They had a good field of cars in the pits which made for some awesome racing. First up was the Late Model class for their "Southern 100 Tune-up" race. They had 12 late models ready to do battle on the fast speedway. In qualifying the track record was broken in both the Late Model class and the Modified class with "Bad Fast" Josh McGuire setting a new track record in the Late Model's with a 16.06 second lap averaging 108 mph and Todd Robinson set a new track record in the modified class..
  After qualifying the announcer drew 6 general admission tickets for 6 fans to draw for the starting line-up for the fast dash. The fan drawing for fast qualifier Josh McGuire got him the pole of the dash, with last week's feature winner RJ Conley getting the outside pole and Jason Montgomery, Kenneth Howell, Billy Gullion and Joe Ramey was how the fans decided the rest of the starting line-up. At the drop of the green flag Josh McGuire jumped out to the lead and never looked back taking the checkered flag followed by RJ Conley, Montgomery, Howell, Ramey and Gullion.
  So that left one heat race to decide the rest of the feature's starting line-up. The heat race line-up was Greggie Oliver and Tommy Carlton starting on the front row with Delmas Conley, Daniel Kattine, Brian Daniels and Jeremy Akers behind them. When the green flag flew Jackson Ohio's Greggie Oliver in his first race of 2013 in a brand new car jumped to the lead and stayed there until the checker flag waved. Following him across the line was Delmas Conley, Tommy Carlton, Brian Daniels, Daniel Kattine and Jeremy Akers.
  After the Late Model class they also ran Modifieds, Sport Mods, Bombers and the Ohio Valley Roofers Legends series for their first time at the track, and the track is the biggest track they've ever raced on.
  Then the thunder of the engines firing up vibrated our ears as the Late Model feature rolled on to the track. The starting line-up looked like this: Josh McGuire, RJ Conley, Jason Montgomery, Kenneth Howell, Joe Ramey, Billy Gullion, Greggie Oliver, Delmas Conley, Tommy Carlton, Brian Daniels, Daniel Kattine and Jeremy Akers. Josh McGuire got a good jump when the green flag flew, as well as Jason Montogmery as he passed RJ Conley for second in the first turn. McGuire set the pace until the caution flew when the crossed flags were displayed on lap 13. On the restart McGuire was out front with Montgomery close behind, followed by RJ Conley, Joe Ramey, and Greggie Oliver rounding out the top five. The field stayed that way until Greggie Oliver got around Joe Ramey and Kenneth Howell to take over the fourth position with ten laps to go. Then it started to really heat up as the leaders got into lapped traffic with five laps to go. McGuire, who lead all but the last lap last weekend, was making some wild moves as he knew somebody was closing in on him. Montgomery showed McGuire his nose a few times but never could get it done. Then as the flagman had the white flag raised high and the leaders came up on two cars racing for position. At this time the guy in second place has the advantage because the leader has to decide where he's going to go and the guy sitting in second has more time to make his decision, well McGuire moved up to go around one of the lapped cars and as soon as he did Montgomery got a good bite and pulled beside McGuire on the outside going across the finish line for the last lap of the race and got up in front of McGuire and Montgomery had to go a little high in turn one to go around the lapped car, not knowing that McGuire was trying to make a move on the high side and the two got together just enough to break McGuire's momentum and it was Jason Montgomery racing off to the checkered flag followed by Josh McGuire, RJ Conley, Greggie Oliver, Joe Ramey, Delmas Conley, Billy Gullion, and Tommy Carlton rounded out the top eight.
  Montgomery was really excited in victory lane saying that it was an awesome and exciting race. That makes two weeks in a row that Josh McGuire was leading the race when the white flag flew and got passed before he could make it to the start/finish line. That makes it the second race Montgomery has won this year in the Late Model class but he couldn't stay in victory lane long because he was also driving a modified and that feature was up next. 

4/26/13 results


Late Models

1. Jason Montgomery

2. Josh McCguire

3. RJ Conley

4. Greggie Oliver

5. Joe Ramey

6. Delmas Conley

7. Billy Gullion

8. Tommy Carlton

9. Brian Daniels

10. Kenneth Howell

11. Daniel Kattine

Car Count: 12 cars

Lap Leaders: McGuire: 1-24, Montgomery: 25



1. Doug Adkins

2. Dave Jamison

3. Travis Dickson

4. Mark Dickson

5. Adam Jordan

6. Jason Montgomery

7. Chris Shelton

8. Matt Edmiston

9. Jeremy Rayburn

10. Eric Hatfield

11. Brian Skaggs

12. Rick Hensley

13. Tyler Allison

14. Davey Warnock

15. Luke Jordan

16. Todd Robinson

17. Michael Poe

18. Hubie Hatfield (1994 UMP Modified champ/648 career wins)

Car Count: 18 Cars

Lap Leaders: Adkins: 1-20


GCP Engines Sport Mods presnted by Tomahawk Race Cars

1. Eric Dennison

2. Brianna Robinson

3. Phil Colley

4. Josh Tibbs

5. Kenny Neal

6. Makayla Jarrell

7. Jimmy Spillman

8. Tony Whitt Sr.

9. Billy Lanthorn

10. Tony Whitt Jr.

11. Mike Newton

12. Colten Wright

13. Tyler Smith

14. Chris Shelton

15. BJ Bowman

16. Luke Jordan

Car Count: 18 cars

Lap Leaders: Scarberry 1-4, Newton 5-7, & Dennison 8-15


Pure Stocks

1. Barry Brister

2. Ray Scott

3. Justin McNutt

Car Count: 3 Cars


Ohio Valley Roofers Legends Cars

1. Jerren Purdue

Car Count: 7 Cars














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