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"The Wild Child" Jac Haudenshild wins after rim riding in a heated battle with Dale Blaney to win the UNOH Allstar Circuit of Champions Ohio Sprint Speedweeks stop at the Atomic Speedway

With a huge crowd in attendance and the biggest car count on the Ohio Sprint Speedweeks since the 1990's with 62 entrants this looked to be one exciting night of racing. That is exactly what it was. There was cars from all over including 7 from Australia, also drivers from California, Washington, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Texas, Indiana, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan and more. I got to see drivers I've never seen before and drivers I haven't seen in many years. With 62 sprint cars entered everybody knew they were in for a treat.

The track was fast during qualifying but after about half way through it started to slow down a bit. Dale Blaney who was one of the first qualifiers to hit the track set the fast time and the heat races were set.

There was five heat races with the top 4 finishers transferring to the A-main. In the first heat race Stuart Brubaker outran fast qualifier Dale Blaney to take the win followed by Rob Chaney and Michigan native Taylor Ferns. In the second heat race "The Mild Child" Sheldon Haudenshild picked up the win followed by Danny Dietrich, Cole Duncan and James McFadden all transferring to the feature. The third heat race saw two USAC champions Christopher Bell and Brady Bacon dual it out but got beat by one of the Pennsylvania posse Danny Holtgraver, also transferring to the A-main was local standout Danny Smith. In the forth heat race local boy Jimmy Stinson driving the John Shewbrooks car # A76 outran eventual feature winner Jac Haudenshild followed by Caleb Griffith and Greg Wilson. The fifth and final heat race saw Tim Shaffer jumping to the lead with Travis Philo in tow, Philo just didn't have enough for Shaffer as Shaffer took home the heat race win with Travis Philo second, California native Randy Hannagan third and Cale Thomas going on to the big dance.

Next up was the C-Main, and let me add that I haven't been to race that required a C-
Main for at least 10 years except for maybe the DTWC but I think they just have multiple B-Mains. The top 2 finishers of the C-Main moved on to start on the tail of the B-Main. Chillicothe Ohio's local motocross racer Nathan Skaggs picked up the victory with Andrew Palker also moving on to start in the B-Main.

Then it was time for the fast dash sponsored by the Comfort Inn in Chillicothe. Starting in the dash was the six fastest qualifiers who made the A-Main through their heat race. The six fastest A-Main transfers were Dale Blaney, Sheldon Haudenshild and his father Jac Haudenshild, Cole Duncan, USAC ace Brady Bacon and Taylor Ferns. The starting positions were then drawn out of a hat by a few fans in the stands. After that it was Dale Blaney shooting off the starting line and sailed away with the win. Following him was Sheldon, Jac, Duncan, Bacon and Ferns, who pulled out before the checkered flag dropped.

After the dash it was then time for the B-Main where the top four finishers moved on to the big show. Twelve laps would decide who was moving on and who was loading up and going on to the next track. That ended up being Oklahoma native, Shane Stewart who now calls Indiana home. Following him across the line was Kory Crabtree, Lee Jacobs and Brandon Wimmer who all transferred to the A-Main.

The University of Northwestern Ohio Allstar Circuit of Champions A-Main was up next with 30 laps to determine who was taking home the $5,000 paycheck. Dale Blaney got a jump on Sheldon Haudenshild, Cole Duncan and Jac Haudenshild. On the second circuit Jac moved into the third position and began to put pressure on his son Sheldon. By lap five Blaney was already in lapped traffic but it was short lived as Cale Thomas blew a right rear tire and hit the wall on the front stretch and rolled over on his top bringing out the red flag. On the restart Blaney got a good jump as father and son duo battled it out for the second position but Jac made the move that stuck on lap eight with Duncan following suit and moving into third. The leaders quickly found lapped traffic by lap twelve as Jac stayed right within striking distance of Blaney as the battle for the third spot started to heat up as Duncan, Randy Hannagan and Sheldon were battling it out. On lap 14 Jimmy Stinson spun to bring out the caution. With a clear track ahead of them Blaney and Jac pulled away on the restart with Jac right on Blaney's heels. Behind them was Duncan, Hannagan, Sheldon, Danny Smith, Caleb Griffith and Brady Bacon who would spin on lap 21 to bring out another caution. With only 9 laps till the checkered flag flew the leaders once again seen a clear track ahead of them. On the restart Jac didn't give Blaney much breathing room as he stayed right on Blaney's tail. With five laps to go Blaney chose a different line going into turn three and Jac pulled a slid job in turn four to take over the top position. Then total chaos on the front stretch brought out the red flag with four laps to go when both Christopher Bell and Danny Holtgraver both ended up upside down and Kory Crabtree was also involved but was still on his wheels. After the wreck was cleaned up and the green flew once again Jac Haudenshild took off scraping the wall every lap to take the $5,000 top prize with Blaney holding off Hannagan to cross the line in second.


A-Main-University of Northwestern Ohio Allstar Circuit of Champions(Ohio Sprint Speedweeks)

Atomic Speedway-Chillicothe Ohio

1. 9w-Jac Haudenshild(3), 2. 14k-Dale Blaney(1), 3. 11n-Randy Hannagan(9), 4. 40DD-Caleb Griffith(8), 5. 93-Sheldon Haudenshild(2), 6. 49-Cole Duncan(4), 7. 5t-Travis Philo(14), 8. 81-Lee Jacobs(11), 9. 4-Danny Smith(7), 10. 24h-Brandon Wimmer(20), 11. 3G-James McFadden(23), 12. w20-Greg Wilson(21), 13. 48-Danny Dietrich(16), 14. 2-Shane Stewart(12), 15. 35-Stuart Brubaker(15), 16. 55f-Taylor Ferns(6), 17. 9x-Rob Chaney(22), 18. 10h-Danny Holtgraver(17), 19. 60c-Kory Crabtree(13), 20. 33m-Christopher Bell(10), 21. 99-Brady Bacon(5), 22. 45-Tim Shaffer(19), 23. A76-Jimmy Stinson(18), 24-Cale Thomas(24)

Hard Charger: 3G-James McFadden-started 23rd-finished 11th-advanced 12 positions













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