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Reopening…. Wild night!

North Georgia Speedway re-opened this weekend after being closed for the past 4 weeks. The new promoter Mark Wooten has his hands full the first night. With a track that started coming apart in hot laps, drivers squaking about rule changes, and lots of people shaking their heads.

I could tell as the track was packed that it had been cut deep in preperation for a fast night of racing, but it started coming apart in turns one and turns 3 especially, but even though the track was not wanting to go along with the program, Mark Wooten made the right call, “fix the track, then we race” it was the best call made all night, so they rolled the roller out to pack it down some more and let the racers race. Yeah it did take a while longer but it was well worth it because there was some GOOD racing at NGS last night.

The Hobby class was packed with regular and the under powered Econo hobbys who were supposed to have 10 cars to get class back only had 8 so they were made to run with the next class up the Mod Hobby’s. When the green flag fell in the feature it was serious racing!. With Elbert Haynes taking an early lead and not looking back, Larry Higgins was making a late charge to catch Haynes but the 11 of Haynes dropped to the inside to avoid a slower lapped car (Econo Car) and got into the side of Higgins dropping Larry out of the race, Delbert Haynes said after the race” I never saw him, I was watching the slower car and trying to avoid him when I felt a bump and thought I had hit the inside wall, looked over and saw my good friend Larry Higgins, I felt like I had shot Santa Claus, I would have done ANYTHING to not hit anyone, I try to race clean as I can, I hate it for Larry.” But at the line it was the 11 of Delbert Haynes, the 11 of Mark Bishop, the T4 of Walston, and the Econo Champion from last year Glenn Grimsley in the 64 car.

Jeff Smith showed all the crates that he was the man at NGS, Taking home the big money and the trophy again. racking up ANOTHER win bringing his total to… God only knows.

Limited say early favorites Todd Hernandez and Brian Burke on the front row, but coming out of turn 2 the t6 of Hernandez got up into the 39 of Burke and put Burke in the wall, breaking off the fuel pump and splashing fuel all over the truck Burke was able to get out and felt good enough to walk down and “Talk” to Todd Hernandez for a minute on his way back to the pits. But at the end it was Spencer Singleton tasking the checkered. Followed to the line by Devon Dilbeck nipping Trig Parrish at the line for 2nd.

In supers it was nothing but a Derek Ellis show! Derek lead wire to wire,l yeah he had a couple challengers like Aaron Ridley, and Johnny Chastain.

Stock Pony saw Ralph Langston take the win with the 01 of Walston 2nd, and in 3rd Bones Cook.

Mod pony saw Billy Callahan wins with 112 taking second. Sorry I don’t have names for the pony races

Caleb Howard who has been featured here on Topofthebox gave a great showing coming home 4th.

Awesome racing all around, even though the track was working out some bugs, and had issues with the surface, so a big tip of the hat to the Crew of NGS for the efforts to make the track raceable.


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