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2010 Photos, Stories, and Videos by the Goose


Amanda's Graduation

Jerrys Videos

CO  RC Speedway Northglenn Goose                      Racing

Merry Xmas from the GOOSE


CO  Fall in the Mountains         Goose                      Beauty

KS  Hutchinson               10-16 Goose          Videos Clips

KS  Hutchinson               10-16 Goose              NCRA SP


MO  Lucas Oil Speedway  9-25  Goose                          B

Brian Goosel  Flip Video  RacinBoys

MO  Lucas Oil Speedway  9-25  Goose            Pits ASCS

NE  I-80                           9-25  Goose          Action ASCS

NE  I-80                           9-25  Goose              Pits ASCS

SD  Husets                       9-19  Goose                   Racing

MN  Deer Creek              9-18  Goose       Main WoOSp

MN  Deer Creek              9-18  Goose     Heats WoO SP

IA  Clay Co.                     9-17  Goose                WoO SP

IA  Clay Co.                     9-17  Goose     Heats WoO SP

IA  Clay Co.                     9-17  Goose         Pits WoO SP

NE  JMS                          9-11  Goose                     ASCS

NE  JMS                          9-11  Goose              ASCS Pits

NE  Nebraska Cup          9-5  Goose                       ASCS

KS  Belleville                  9-5    Goose                     Mains

KS  Belleville                  9-5    Goose             Pits&Heats

KS  Bellville                    9-5    Goose           Pits&Winner

VIDEO Interview with Brian Brown @         I-80 Win

NE  I-80                            9-3   Goose            Main ASCS

NE  I-80                            9-3   Goose            Hot&Heats


CO  Russ Cummings                   Goose           Checker Flag

CO  I-76                             8-21   Goose            Action Main

CO  I-76                             8-21   Goose                      URSS

NE  I-80                            8-16 Goose                        TNT

IA  Rock Rapid               8-15  Goose                       TNT

IA  Rock Rapid            8-15   Goose                        TNT

VIDEO Interview with Tim Shaffer @ Knoxville Win

IA  Knoxville                8-14  Goose                Pole Party

IA  Knoxville                8-14   Goose                       Main

IA  Knoxville                8-14    Goose        Pre Race Pits

Video Interview with OLD car owner

Video Interview  with Shane Stewart

IA  Knoxville                8-8    Goose               Heat USAC

IA  Knoxville                8-8    Goose                       Mains

IA  Knoxville                8-8    Goose        305s and USAC

IA  Knoxville                8-8    Goose   Track&Pits USAC

IA  Knoxville                8-7       Goose                      Main

IA  Knoxville                8-7       Goose        360 Nationals

IA  Knoxville                 8-6      Goose                      Main

KS  Belleville                  8-5      Goose                 Winners

KS  Belleville                  8-5    Goose            Hots&Heats

NE  Butler Co.                 8-4    Goose               ALLStars

NE  Butler Co. Interview   8-4with                    Tim Scaffer  


WY  Big Country               7-31  Goose                     Racing

WY  Big Country               7-31  Goose                      Racing

WY  Big Country               7-30  Goose                      Racing

CO  I-76                             7-28   Goose            H J Norman

ASCS Pits Walk Around Video

Brian Brown Interview

NE  Boone Co.                 7-11  Goose       Winner   ASCS

SD  I-90 Speedway            7-10  Goose          Mains ASCS

SD  I-90 Speedway            7-10  Goose          T&P    ASCS

KS  Kansas Speedway JMS Winner

SD  I-90                            Video   Goose                   ASCS

NE   I-80                           7-2  Goose                        ASCS

NE  JMS                          Video    Goose                  ASCS

NE  Junction                    7-1  Goose                        ASCS


NE  Junction                    6-25  Goose                     Mains

NE  Junction                    6-26 Goose                       Video

NE  Junction                    6-25  Goose          Heats&Dash

NE  Junction                    6-25  Goose           WoO Sprints

        NE               Pawnee-POW-WOW-Ne-06-19-10

KS  Dodge City               6-11   Goose                       Video

KS  Dodge City               6-13    Goose                     Mains

KS  Dodge City               6-11   Goose                In the Pits

KS  Dodge City               6-11   Goose             WoO & 305

KS  Dodge City               6-11   Goose            WoO Sprints

CO  Loveland                    6-6    Goose     Good Guys Show


Mod Coupe 5-30 Winner

Mod Coupe Setup

WY  Big Country               5-30  Goose                      Racing

Lookin for a Motor

Jesse Hockett  Interview and Photos     The Goose

CO  I-25 Pueblo                5-16  Goose                      Racing

CO  CMP                          5-8    Goose                      Racing

Audio Interview With Doug Wolfgang

                       CO  Mod Coupe ready to GO

CO  Ft. Collins                   5-8    Goose                Car Show


NE  I-80                           4-17  Goose          ASCS  Mains

NE  I-80                           4-17  Goose              Mod Crash

NE  I-80                           4-17  Goose               Mod Main

NE  I-80                           4-17  Goose                  Heats Bs

NE  I-80                           4-17  Goose         Pits & Drivers

NE  I-80                           4-16  Goose          H-Laps Heats

NE  I-80                           4-16   Goose     Pits Dr Meeting

NE  I-80                           4-16  Goose                  Hot Laps

NE  I-80                           4-16  Goose        LM Stocks Ect.

NE  I-80                           4-16  Goose                ASCS Main

AZ  PRI                           4-11  Goose                    CupMain 

AZ  PRI                            4-11  Goose            Cup Pre Race 

AZ  PRI                            4-10  Goose             Cup Time Tr.

AZ  PRI                            4-10 Goose                Nationwide 

AZ  PRI                            4-10 Goose           Pre Race NW

CO  BGR                          4-10 Goose          Chassis Setup

AZ  PRI                            4-9    Goose                  Cup &Pits

AZ  PRI                            4-8    Goose           K&N Winners

AZ  PRI                            4-8    Goose              Cup Haulers

AZ  PRI                            4-7    Goose                K&N West

CO  BGR                         4-1    Goose         Dyno&HotLaps


BRG Hot Laps                3-31                  Mod Coupe

BRG Racing                    3                         Dyno Test


Flyin With the Goose                        Rocky Mt. High 


Colorado Racers      1-23  Goose         Trade & Swap

Colorado Racers       1-23  Goose        Trade & Swap

Chili Bowl                  1-16  Goose                      Main

Chili Bowl                  Loaned Camera             Photos

Chili Bowl                  1-16  Goose    Pre Race & Pits

T_Metz                      Video Interview        Chili Bowl

Camera  and Thoughts on the Chili Bowl

Chili Bowl                  1-15  Goose                      Main

Chili Bowl                  1-15  Goose     Bs & Qualifiers

Chili Bowl                  1-15  Goose          Pits & Heats

Chili Bowl                  1-15  Goose      HF TShow Pits

Chili Bowl                  1-14  Goose                      Main

Chili Bowl                  1-14  Goose                           Bs

Chili Bowl                  1-14  Goose   Hot Laps & Pits

Chili Bowl                   1-14 Goose           Girls & Pits

Chili Bowl                  1-13  Goose                   A-Main

Tony Stewart             Video          Working the Track

Chili Bowl                  1-13  Goose    PreRace &Heats

Chili Bowl                  1-13  Goose                          Pits

Chili Bowl                  1-12  Goose            Champs &A

Zack Daum                Video Interview         Chili Bowl

Chili Bowl                  1-12  Goose                       Heats

Chili Bowl                  1-12 Goose       Frosty Pre Race

Ice Racing                 1-9    Goose                       Video

Ice racing                  1-9    Goose                       Mains

Ice Racing                1-9    Goose                     Round 2

Ice Racing                1-9    Goose                     Round 1

The Park                  1-9    Goose          Rules Meeting

Goose's Sponsors



2009    158 Events Covered in  14 states

 Nikon                                                                                              In car Video BY SIS


         The Last Lap home 7000 miles Traveled to promote Racing

        The Park Byers CO                 11-17 Goose           Track Visit

        Tech Tip                                 Goose  Video  Trick Titanium

        Video   Bob Bondurant in Simulator

        PRI Show                               12-12  Goose                    SAT

        PRI Show                               12-11  Goose                    FRI

        PRI Show                               12-10   Goose               THUR

         Nesmith   12-9     Banquet

       Sunset in Tampa 12-8

        Chattanooga  River 12 06

        Nashville Xmas and Party

        Interview  Brandon Bernstein and  JR Todd

         Shop Visit                                 12-3      Shop Visit      Rayburns Race Cars

        Jesse Hockett Interview       Video  @  IMIS

        Party at IMIS Indy Video

        Indy Motor Speedway                    12-1   Goose   Museum Photo Visit

        IMIS Intro Party                            12-1   Goose                         Show



     USA  Trip from Tucson to Indy

     AZ    USA Raceway     Video      11-22  Goose                Main

     AZ   USA Raceway      Video      11-11  Goose               Heats

     AZ    ASCS Drivers Meeting Video

     AZ   ASCS Pit Walk Video

    AZ    ASCS                                     11-22  Goose           Banquet

    AZ    USA Raceway                       11-21  Goose     Pits & Heats

    AZ    USA Raceway                       11-21  Goose      ASCS Main

    AZ    USA Raceway                       11-21  Goose    N/Wing Main

    NV   Brakeman Interview             11-20   Goose             SEMA

    AZ    USA Raceway Video             11-20  Goose               Crash

    AZ    USA Raceway                       11-20  Goose       ASCS Main

    AZ    USA Raceway                       11-20  Goose   Pits and Heats

    AZ    USA Raceway                        11-19  Goose          ASCS Main

    AZ    USA Raceway     Video         11-19 Goose                  ASCS

    AZ    USA Raceway                        11-18  Goose        ASCs Main

    AZ    USA Raceway                        11-18   Goose    Pits & Heats

    AZ    USA Raceway                         11-18  Goose            Practice

    AZ    Phoenix Int.                             11-15 Goose     Stop 4 a Bud

    AZ    Phoenix Int.                             11-15 Goose             Cup Pits

    AZ    Phoenix Int                             11-15 Goose          Cup Action

    AZ    Phoenix Int.                            11-15 Goose             Pre Race

    AZ    Phoenix Int.                            11-14 Goose           Nationwide

    AZ   Phoenix Int.                            11-14 Goose      NW Pre Race

    AZ   Phoenix Int.                            11-13 Goose          Truck Main

    AZ   Phoenix Int.                            11-13 Goose         Arsenio Hall

    AZ   Phoenix Int. Video                  11-12                    Silver Crown

    AZ  Phoenix Int.                                  11-13 Goose   Midget Main & TTT 

    AZ   Phoenix Int.                                  11-13 Goose          Cup Time Trials

    AZ   Phoenix Int.                                 11-13               Cup & NW Hot Laps

    AZ   Phoenix Int.                                  11-13    Goose Cup Pits and Helmets

    AZ    Phoenix Int.                                  11-12    Goose     Cooper World 100

    AZ    Phoenix Int.                                  11-12    Goose                    Hot Laps

   AZ     Phoenix Int.                                  11-11    Goose                         USAC

   NV    Hoover Dam                                11-10 Goose                                          Photos

   NV    The Bull Ring                              11-7  Goose                                 Pits & Plems

   NV    The Bull Ring                              11-7  Goose                                            Racing

    NV    Las Vegas                                   11-6 Goose                                   Day 4 SEMA

    NV    Las Vegas                                    11-5 Goose                                  Day 3 SEMA

    NV    Las Vegas                                   11-4 Goose                                   Day 2 SEMA

    NV    Las Vegas                                   11-3   Goose                                 Day 1 SEMA

    NV    Las Vegas                                   11-2   Goose                            SEMA Check In

    NV    Las Vegas                                   11-1  Goose                                  NHRA Drags 

    NV    Las Vegas                                   11-1  Goose                              Night on the Strip


    NV   Las Vagas Bull Ring               10-31   Goose                                           Racing

    NV   Las Vegas MS                         10-31  Goose                                             Mains

    NV   Las Vegas MS                         10-31  Goose                                  SMRA USAC

    UT    Calf Ropin                                10 30 Goose                                         Cool Shots

    CO   Snow and Trip                           10-29 Goose                                         Cool Shots

    CO   Loveland                                   10-24 Goose           Trackside Collectables Show

    TX   Cowton                                10-10 Goose                                Video

    TX   Cowtown                             10-10 Goose                      A&B Winner

    TX    Cowtown                            10-10  Goose                       ASCS Heats

    TX    Cowtown                            10-10 Goose                Pits and Hot Laps

    TX    Cowtown                            10-10 Goose                 ASCS Sprint Nat.


    CO   Soft Ball

    IA   Clay County Video Action

   IA    Clay County                                 9-16      Goose                          VID Main

    IA   Clay County                                 9-16      Goose           Pits and Qualifying

    IA    Clay County                                9-16      Goose                        Action VID   8

    IA     Clay County                               9-          Goose              WoO Sprints VID

    IA    Clay County                                9-16      Goose                     A & B Action  8

    IA     Clay County                               9-16      Goose   WoO Pit Crew Challenge  8

    CO     Severance                                 9-2        Goose                        Bikers Ball

    NE     Racing Brother                         9-18      Goose                    Marlow Jones

    NE      Butler County                           9-13     Goose            PreRace and Heats

    NE     Butler County                           9-13                                    ASCS Mains

    NE    Butler Co.                                  9-11-13 Goose                              ASCS

    NE    Eagle                                          9-12   Goose              Pits and Hot Laps

    NE    Eagle Raceway                          9-12   Goose                                 ASCS

    CO    Hideout-Bar-Ft-Col-Co-09-04-09                       EYE Candy

    CO    TOUR- De- FAT-Ft-Col-Co-09-09


    MT   Douglass Motorsports Park   8-30 Goose                         Drags

    MY   A Warm Welcome from Gillette Thunder Speedway

    MT  Thunder Speedway Gillett   8-29   Goose                                                Racing

    SD   The Goose flies north to Rapid City, SD (his home state)

    SD   Black Hills                                   8-28   Goose                                 Pits

    SD   Black  Hills                                  8-28   Goose                                 Racing


    SD   Hussets                                       8-16   Goose                   ASCS Wingless

    IA    I 80 Speedway                          8-17   Goose                                 ASCS

    IA    Knoxville                            8-15   Goose             Nationals

    IA    Knoxville                            8-14                          Nationals

    IA    Knoxville                            8-13                          Nationals

   IA   Knoxville                            8-12   Goose        Track Action

    IA    Knoxville                            8-12                          Nationals

    FL   Daytona Ride                              8-8   Goose         Video

    NE   Party at Comstock


    SD   Husets                                         7-19   Goose         Video

    SD   Husets                                         7-19   Goose         Video

    SD   Husets                                         7-19   Goose                       Track & Pits

    SD   Husets                                         7-19  Goose               Mains & Winners

    SD   Husets                                        7-19   Goose                       Pits & Heats

    NE   Karney                                      7-17   Goose                 Street Rod Show

    NE   Karney                                      7-17   Goose                 Street Rod Show

            500 Miles on I-25 in Colorado

    ID   Atomic Speedway                7-10   Goose                                    Video

    ID   Atomic Speedway                7-10   Goose                                    Races

    ID   Atomic Speedway                7-10   Goose                        ASCS Sprints

        Sprint car set up Bryan Gossell


        North Platte                               6-19   Goose                          Land Days

        Maysden's First Race Day  Video

        Bryan Gossell  #16                    6        Goose                         Sponsor  Car Shoot

        Ft.Collins                                    6-13   Goose                       Old Town Car Show

        Goodguys Street Nationals       6-7    Goose                                                Show

        Goodguys  Street Nationals      6-7    RobinK                                              Show


        Madysen                                    5-31   Goose                                              Racing


Seabees to be Featured on DIY Network

    NE   Video of I-80 Sprints                 5-22   Goose                      ASCS Sprints


    CO   Video of Engine Build

    NE   I-80                                             5-22   Goose                                  ASCS

    CO   WesTex Food Show Denver

    IA    Knoxville                            5-2          Pre Race and Hot Laps

    IA    Video of Knoxville              5-2                  Sprint Car Racers

    IA    Knoxville                                      5-2    Goose                      WoO Sprints

    IA   Knoxville                                       5-2    Goose    Sprint Car Hall of Fame



    CO    1/4 Midget Test Day               4-26   Goose

    CO   BGR Racing                             4-25   Goose                                        1/4 Midget

    CO   Steel Workers and Mountians

    CO    Visit to Leary Racing Products 

    NE     I-80                                             4-11   Goose                                   Video

    CO   Hooters Heat Race                    4-16   Goose        Loveland Co PB Twins

    NE    I-80                                             4-11   Goose                       ASCS Sprints

    NE    I-80                                             4-10   Goose                       ASCS Sprints

           Mod Coupe Needs TLC


        Denver Co. Univeristy Grill & the New Houston Restaurant

        Video  NASCAR Team 78 Furniture Row

        PPIR                                          3-18   Goose                          Furniture Row Test

        Video Firing the Sprinter Up          BGR 6G Freshened & Fired By Madysen 03-12-09



             Heartland Region Tupperware Breakout 

              11-2008 East West At Concord  NC     Video Sprints

    CO    Denver  Tri State                      2-7    Goose                        Swap Meet


    CO    Denver Sports Show                 1-25   Goose                       Trade Show

    OK    Video Justin  Allgaier Driver Shot

    OK   VIDEO   Zack Dunn getting ready for the B Main Chilli Bowl

    CO    Colorado Swap Meet                1-24   Riley                         Trade Show

    CO    Colorado Racers Show              1-23   Goose                       Trade Show

    SD    Sioux Falls Racer Show             1-10   Goose                        Trade Show

    OK   Chili Bowl                                    1-17   Goose                                Mains

    OK   Chili Bowl                                    1-17   Goose              Pre Race and Pits

    OK   Chili Bowl                                    1-16   Goose               Heats and Mains

    OK   Chili Bowl                                    1-16   Goose            Expo and Pre Race

    OK  Chilli Bowl                                   1-15   Goose               Heats and Mains

    OK   Chilli Bowl                                   1-15   Goose         Vendor Row and Pits

    OK   Chili Bowl                                    1-14   Goose                 Heats and Main

    OK   Chili Bowl                                    1-14   Goose                                   Tulsa

    OK   Chili Bowl                                    1-13   Goose                                   Tulsa




    CO  Mall Traffic and People


    CO   Daryl Wulff Crossed the Finish Line of his young life!

    CO   Halloween at the Mall


    CO   Goose Obama Rally     Robin Obama Rally  Amanda Obama Rally

    CO  Hank Williams  Jr. and Sarah Palin Ralley By Goose

    CO  Goose Drives Again

    CO  Robin                         CSU Homecoming Parade


    CO  Goose                         CSU Homecoming Parade

    CO  Goose                         Softball


    CO   1/4 Midgets                            9-28   Goose                         Austyn Wins

    CO  Enduro Cross                          9-27   Goose                                  Feature

    CO  Enduro Cross                           9-27   Robin                              Cool Shots

    CO   Enduro Cross                          9-27   Goose                        Motor Cycles

    CO   Bryan Gosell   New Engine  9-20   Goose                       Track                  

    CO   Engine Builder Austyn          9-20   Goose                                      Shop

    CO   5G Running 2nd                     9-20  Goose                             Racing          

    CO   I-76                                         9-13   Goose                                   Racing

    NE   Eagle                                       9-8     Goose                                    ASCS

    NE   Eagle                                      9-7-08 Goose                   Hot Laps- Heats

    NE   Eagle                                      9-7-8   Goose                              Pre Race

    NE    ASCS Eagle Ne.9-7-08 Hot Laps- Heats 1

    NE    Video Putin Heat in Sprints Eagle Ne.9-7-08 by "Goose" The 6G after the oil FIRE

    NE   Rain out at York


   CO   6g ready and Packard shoot

    CO   6g Engine Build

    CO   Jet Coupe and old Dirt Friends

    FL   Tupperware Party 

    CO   Mustang all Out                                    Robin                                 Pinks

    GA   H2/0  to Gas                                8-8  Goose                               Feature  

    Co    1/4 Midgets                                 8-3    Goose                              Racing

    CO    Pink 1965  Mustang

  ***  1/4 Midgets                                 8-2    Goose                              Video

    CO    1/4 Midgets                                 8-2    Goose                              Racing


  ***   Interview Big DADDY Don Garlets

    CO    Mile High Nationals            7-11                                                  NHRA

    CO    Golden                                         7-10                Big Block Mopar Party  

    SD    Husets                                   7-3   Goose                     Heats and Feature

    SD    Husets                                   7-3   Goose             Pre Race  WoO Sprints



            Austyn Goosel Video 1/4 Midgets

            Joe McCarthy Fab Tech Video Interview

    WY  Rocksprings                            6-14  Goose                                                 ASCS  

    WY   Rocksprings                            6-14   Goose                                                 ASCS

    WY   Rocksprings                            6-13   Goose                                                 ASCS

    CO    Madysen Gossel first shoot of her brother's First Quarter Midget WIN 6-1-08  


    CO   Greely Automotive Machine

    CO   Rocky Mountain 1/4 Midgets5-18  Goose                                  Racing



    KS    Kansas Speedway                  4-26   Goose               AJ Foyt   IRL

    CO   Hide Out Biker Bar Ft. Col. Co. 5-11-08 Goose NEW HOGS GREAT NEW BAR

    KS    Kansas Speedway                  4-26   Goose                           Racing

    KS    Kansas Speedway                  4-25   Goose                  ARCA  Race

    KS     Kansas Speedway                  4-25   Goose  ARCA NACAR Trucks Hot laps

    KS    Kansas Speedway                          4-23    Goosae      Lap  Around Outside

    CO      Colorado National                        4-19   Goose                            Racing

    CO    Rocky Mountain 1/4 Midgets     4-18    Goose                    Racing

    MN    Old Bridge

    MN     Minneapolis Sports Show  



    IL    Amamdas Volley Ball

    PA   Pittsburg Bridges

    WS   Buzzard Racing Shop

    WS   Milwaukee  Mile Sports Show

    WS   Five Star Bodies Shot Visit

    WS   Bassett Wheel  Shop  Visit

    IA     Photos Visit to Iowa Speedway

    WS    West Tech  Auto Visit

    IA        Volley Ball


   WY        Trading post

   PA         Sports show

   DC        The Wall

    PA        Sports Show  Day 1              Day 2    Day 3    Day 4


        20th Colorado Swap and Trade Show     Goose               Saturday

        20th Colorado Swap and Trade Show     Goose                   Friday

         Fort Collins Ranch                  1-19  Goose                  Ice  Racing  

        Draft Horse Show

        CBee  Buddies and other shots



    NE   Just a Frosty Day

    NE    Chad Humston Fast And Furious 2007 In Nebraska Edited By Mom "Ronda Humston" Video

     NE  Agricultural Producers Appreciation Banquet

     NE   Visit to John the Jets shop


    NE   Visit to Big Dog Shop


    CO   Electric Car                         11-27


    CO   Colorado Car Show             10-21

    NE    Goose & Associate landed in Paxton, NE

    CO   CSU                                      10-6   Goose                Homecoming


    CO   Ault                                       9-29   Goose                                Fun

    CO   Colorado National                9-22   Goose                            Racing

    IA   Boone                                     9-8     Goose                 IMCA Nationals

    IA   Boone                                     9-7     Goose                 IMCA Nationals


    TX   66 Speedway                         8-25   Goose                            Racing

             Goose on Vacation

    CO   Colorado National                 8-4    Goose                             Sprints


     KS    Dodge City                             7-22  Goose                 ASCS NCRA

     KS   Dodge City                               7-21  Goose               ASCS NCRA

     KS   Hutchinson                              7-20  Goose              NCRA Sprints

     CO   Mopar Nationals                    7-13  Goose                        Round 2

      CO   Mopar Nationals                    7-13  Goose                        Round 1  

      CO   Colorado National                 7-14  Goose                           Sprints

      CO   Mile High Nationals              7-15  Goose                            Finals

      CO   Mile High                               7-13  Goose                     Quick Time

      CO    Mile High Pits                        7-13  Goose                            Racing

      CO   Big Block Mopar Party         7-12  Goose                               Party

      CO    I-76                            7-7    Goose                                           ASCS

      CO    Wellington                7-4   Goose                                   Street Rods


      KS    Dodge City                6-23  Goose                                 WoO Sprints

      KS    Dodge City                6-22  Goose                                 WoO Sprints

      CO   Colorado National                   6-16   Goose                          Sprints

              Visit to Doug Wolfgang's Shop

      NE   Eagle                                       6-9  Goose                            Set #2

      NE   Eagle                                       6-9  Goose                            Set #1

      NE   Eagle                                       6-9  Goose                Fans @ WoO    

      SD   Husets                                    6-10  Goose                   Radio Show

      SD   Husets                                    6-10  Goose                           Sprints

      CO  Colorado National                   6-2    Goose                          Sprints  

      CO  Colorado National                   6-2    Goose    NASCAR GN West  



              Gary Lee Maier   3 Wins                                                5-25-26-27

      KS   Wakenee Speedway                                                               Sprints

      NE   Lincoln Raceway                                                                    Sprints

      NE   Junction Motor Speedway                                           ASCS Sprints

      CO   Building a Sprint Car                                             Brian Goosel  #6

      CO   Colorado National                   5-12    Goose        Fans and Post Pits

      CO   Colorado National                   5-12    Goose                          Racing  


      CO   I-76                                          4-30     Goose                         Racing

      CO   Colorado National                  4-29     Goose                          Racing  

      CO    I-76                                          4-21     Goose                          Opening

      CO    Colorado National                 4-21       Goose                          Two

     CO   Colorado National                 4-21       Goose                           One

     CO   Colorado National                 4-21       Goose                            Bio

     NE   I-80                                         4-15     Jerry Goose                        ASCS NCRA

    NE   I-80                                         4-14     Jerry Goose                        ASCS NCRA

    NE   Lincoln                                     4-15      Jerry Goose                   Autograph Day


    FL   Finishline Racing School


    FL  Daytona Test

    FL Daytona Tests

    FL  Daytona Test

    FL   East Bay and New Smyrna



    FL   Bill Davis Auction




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