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 Mike Pitts 


 Mike Races stock cars out of Auburndale Fl.  Mike began racing when he was 18 years old. His Father was a race car driver and he grew up around it.  He got his first win in a street stock at Auburndale speedway.

When ask his greatest racing thrill Mike said "Everything about racing is a thrill for me.  He is most proud of being able to build a race car and drive it to the front any time. 

Mike won the 2002 V/8 street stock championship at Auburndale. He has won several other track championships and finished in the top 10 many times. One year he and his brother Greg Pitts both won fan favorite race car driver , that was 1990. Mike won at Lakeland Speedway and Greg won at Auburndale. They also both won points championships that year.

Dale Earnhardt Sr.  is his racing hero. 

Quote: "I love it! Win or Lose,"



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