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Jeff Graham, 37, drives the #71 in the Sportsman Class at Macon Speedway in Macon, Illinois. 

 Jeff’s family consists of wife Tara, sons Jeffrey 17, Jaden (still counting in months, born 8-29-02), and daughter Tiffani 5.  Jeff is employed as a professional truck driver.

Jeff’s favorite driver is his father, Tom, who also got him started in racing. “Dad, along with offering his help whenever needed, is also my inspiration. After 30 years of racing, he is still very competitive himself and one of the cleanest drivers you will ever watch.” Jeff picked the #71 for his car. It’s one number under his fathers. His future plans with racing are to keep going as long as he can and have fun doing it. His biggest influence is his family

Jeff’s career highlight has been never finishing out of the top 10 in points since began racing. His scariest moment was when he had a car drive over his left rear tire, into drivers compartment and land on cage above his head on first turn of first lap of feature in 2002.

Jeff would like to add a special thanks to his sponsor, Remmert Auto & Tire.  He would like to thank his crew as well: Tara, who is always there to offer her support, along with getting greasy every now and then. She keeps the scoring at the track.  She is not always sure of what is going on in the garage, but is not afraid to give orders anyway. Tiffani is our little "fetcher".  She will go get anything if she knows what it is.  For a 5 year old, she is rapidly learning tool names and wrench sizes.  She is also my #1 fan. Jeffrey, my 17 yr old gets all the odd jobs that no one else wants to do.  Often, he gives out funny expressions, but he is also eager to learn and knows this is the best way.  He also does the tire changing at the track.  Jaden, well, Jaden doesn't do anything.  He was just born 08-29-2002. Hopefully as Tiffani upgrades, he will take over her position.  Dan Reichert - although we assemble our own engines, we would like to thank Dan for his "Winston Cup" caliber machine work at a price a racer on a budget can afford. Dave Whitehead, well, Dave doesn't like being talked about. He knows what he has done for us, so "THANKS".  Phil Morehead, thanks for your help every now and then and for driving our car last year when I was unable. John Graham, kind of along the same lines as Dad, uncle "Jack" will always lend a hand when needed. Roy Lee, "Re-Run" always lends us a helping hand with his financial contributions on behalf of his self and his kids. Scott Landers, thanks Scott for giving us a reason to run harder.  The only thing worse than finishing last would be finishing behind you!

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Bonus Questions:
What tape or CD is in your car/Truck right now? Lonestar
Who was the poster on your wall growing up? Mark Martin
Who is the best driver you have raced against? Jeff Leka
Any lucky charms or superstitions? Nope


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