Clint Cauley 


 Clint is 32 years old from Owensboro, Ky.  His home track is Windy Hollow Speedway but also races at Western Kentucky Speedway, Central Park Raceway, Soggy Bottom Speedway and Chandler Raceway. 

Clint started racing in 1986 in a pure stock at Kentucky Motor Speedway. Clint is the 2nd generation of drivers in his family. 

Clint’s highlights of 2001 was his first year in an open wheel with a top 5 finish of every feature event and many heat wins. 

Clint’s career so far has gave him a 5 time Street Stock Championships in 98, 99 and 2000 at Chandler, Central Park Raceway and Windy Hollow with 59 feature wins these 3 years. 

The crew and helpers are Scott Slaton, Roger Dowell, David Brown, Wayne Kimbley, John, Krampe and Bobby. 

Special Thanks: To my wife Rhonda and my daughter Jessica. 

Good Luck Clint!!!!!










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