Phil Hill


Phil is 18 years old and from Greenville Ky. He races street stocks at his home track of Soggy Bottoms. he also races Central Park, and KMS.

Phil began racing in 1995 in go karts. He began racing to" go fast." He got his first win his rookie year at Ohio Co. fair grounds in a Jr. stock. He was 3rd at Soggy bottoms in the street stock class in 2001. The car is a 2001 Grand Prix, with a 355 SRS racing engine.

Mark Green is Phil's racing hero.

Winning both Friday night at Central Park raceway and Saturday night at Soggy Bottoms is what he considers his biggest racing accomplishment.

The greatest thrill in a car was flipping at Gurkin raceway, and being knocked unconscious. This event was seen on Real TV.

The goal is to gain more experience  and move on to Asphalt late models.

Mom, Dad , Mamaw& Papaw, his girl friend Mandi, Mark Green and Cody and Jerry Tomes.






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