Jesse Hockett

           # 77

 Jesse is 17 years old and  races 360 sprints out of Warsaw Mo.  Jesse travels with the WOW. He runs at California, Fulton, Holt Summit, Sedalia, and Knoxville Ia. 

Jesse dad and his brother raced, and he followed them into the 4cyl sprints in 1998.  In 1999 he won the Warrensburg 4 cyl. Sprint title.

The car is a Avenger with a 360 Chevy.

Kevin Whitworth is his racin hero.

Winning the points championship in 99  is his greatest accomplishment. And racing in the 360 Nationals at Knoxville, in 2001 his biggest thrill. 

His Dad and Mom, Grover Hall, and Ernie Walker have helped  Jesse with his racing.












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