Ted Welschmeyer

           # 21w

Ted is 30  and races street stocks out of Holt Summit Mo. Double X is his home track but he also races at Callaway. 

Ted began racing in 2000, it was his childhood dream. He got his first win in 2001 at Callaway.

The car is a 1980 Cuttlass Supreme with a 355 cu. in. engine.

Dale Earnhardt is his racing hero.

Winning and being #1 is the greatest thrill and accomplishment for Ted.

Teds goal is "to be the track Champion!"

Tomas Smith, Steve Meschter, Carl Kelly, Ernie Trimbrok, Aaron Welschmeyer, and his wife Vickie and the kids have helped with the racing.

Quote: "Go fast and turn left."














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