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David Miller

David has been racing since 1984. He started in the Super Stock division on dirt and was racing out at Concord before Concord was paved. His first win was in an Enduro class out at Concord in 1986.

David was 2nd in the point race last year at Concord. He has had 16 wins in a Ford but is a die hard Chevy guy. He worked with Davey Allison and worked to help get a minority race team going and has helped numerous other race teams started and going in his career.


The thrill of racing for David is being able to race side by side, beatin’ and bangin’ and being able to out smart the other driver. He is most proud of all the good friends that he has made since he has started racing and helping other people with their race cars.


He would like to thank the following people who have helped him with his race car. Kathy his wife, Steve Irvin, Mark Dyer.


David’s racing hero is Gary Baylo and Freddy Querry. David can often be heard saying the following things: “Did you see that”, “Keep it stock”, “Shoulda listened to me”, “I tried to tell ya”, “Where’s my cigars?”


**Just a note from Laura at LuvRacin. Thank you for all the help you have given me on my articles and the technical details that you have added and corrected. Thank you for the people that you have introduced me to and the support that you have given. You are truly a credit to this sport!

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