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  Picture at Lancaster  Speedway

Brian C Lambert


Brian C Lambert drives the #21L Stock 4 Class car.  His home track is Lancaster Speedway but he can also be found racing at Carolina Speedway.  He lives in Monroe, NC.

Team members helping Brian are:  LouAnn - wife, Cory - oldest son and part-time driver, Matt - youngest son and part-time driver, Larissa - daughter, Donald Moore - daughter's boyfriend, Laurn Quram - oldest son's girlfriend, Robert Mullis - Lancaster Speedway '07 Super Stock Champion.  Brian's family owns the car.

Brian started racing in 1987 in the Late Model Class at Sharon Speedway in Hartford Ohio then restarted in 2008 in the Stock 4 Class at Lancaster Speedway because he's been around racing since a young boy.  He knew people with cars and always loved the speed and excitement of it and wanted to see if he could do what other drivers were doing.  Career highlights include the first time he pulled out onto Sharon Speedway in Ohio in the Late Model.  After watching and "chasing" race cars for years and "talking junk" up in the stands, reality came crashing down on his that first night.  No, he didn't wreck but gained a huge respect for even the most low budget racer.  It's a whole different world inside the race car than you see from the stands!  He only wishes more people would understand that.

The thrill of racing for Brian is putting yourself and a machine against other people, their machines, pushing them to their limits and then trying to out guess the dirt!  His most exciting racing moment was tagging the inside guard rail at Sharon Speedway with 3 laps left in the Feature.  Continued on to finish only to find out the left front tire had been cocked out at 45 degree, tie rod broke, shock bent....then he got paid for the night...his first check....$15 with $360 worth of damage!  He's most proud of seeing his 2 sons, who grew up at the race tracks, grow to want and have an appreciation of racing.  It has brought them closer as a family because they are all involved in the car together!

Brian's racing hero is Robert Mullis, a man who is deeply committed to God and his family and a true racer.  He is one who knows what his priorities are and helps us and others realize the importance of each.  Also Brian's family who keep him in check and when they are together "Life's problems" aren't so bad.

Of racing, Brian says, "Racing is more than cars going in circles.  There's a camaraderie that is developed.  There's a closeness to family especially when one of your own is competing.  It's a way to escape from the weeks aggravations and relax, "get lost" in all that's going on around you!".

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