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Sadie (Mom), Carolyn (sis), Kayla (daughter), Luke Slatton, John Kirby, Glen Pace, Tyler & Pearson Bryant, Johnny Plumbley, Brad Craig, Melissa Bowers, Lester Hall, Andrea Lemmons, Sandi Lee (Pit Pup), Tasha Butler, Mike Rose (passed away in 2002), Tom Hart, JL Hart, Fred (Nelt) Bowers (Dad)

 Kenneth Bowers


Kenneth Bowers drives the #55 Stock 8 Class car.  He lives in Taylors, SC.  His home track is Riverside Speedway but he can also be found racing at Harris Speedway.

Kenneth's #55 car is the white and blue Chevy Malibu. 

He started racing in 1997 in the Stock 8 Class at Riverside Speedway because after racing motor cross for 20 years, decided to go 4 wheels instead of 2.  His first win was in 1998 in the Stock 8 Class at Riverside. Career highlights include Track Championship at Riverside in 1999, 2000 and 2002 and at Windy Hill Raceway in 2000.

The thrill of racing for Kenneth is the speed and contact!  His most exhilarating racing moment was in 2001 at Windy Hill Raceway when he went from 8th place to 1st place in the first lap!  "Damn, that felt good!"  He's most proud of the fans that he has built up in these years and the friends.  He is also proud of his Championships!

Richard Petty and Wade Slatton (on dirt - cousin) are Kenneth's racing heroes.

Of racing, Kenneth says, "If you like the thrill of contact and the speed, legally, take up racing, but have money!"  Kenneth would also like to say a special "thank you" to his Dad, "if not for the knowledge and training of my Dad, Fred (Nelt) Bowers, I would not be as much of a driver as I am today....thank you, Dad!".

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