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Todd Hunt, 17, drives the #2 Week's Grand Prix Late Model.  Todd is in the 11th grade and races with the help of his mom, Dion, dad, Jimmy, and sister, Jami.

Toddís father, Jimmy was a Late Model driver for about 10 to 12 years.  Jimmy then passed on his passion for racing to his son.  Todd uses the #2 because it was his fatherís.  He is not real sure how his father got the number.  Todd says his biggest influence is probably Jimmy Owens.  Todd wants to be able to drive the wheels off of a car like him one day.

Todd hopes his future plans include competing in the World of Outlaw Series.  His career highlights have been 4 feature wins, 3rd in points at Volunteer Speedway in 2002, 4th in points at Laurel Mountain Speedway in 2001, Rookie of the Year at Laurel Mountain Speedway in 2002, and Favorite Driver at Volunteer Speedway in 2003.  His scariest moment was losing his fifth motor in 2002 and wondering if he was going to get to race the rest of the year.  Luckily for him, Gene Griffitts came along that year and helped Todd get back on his feet.  Todd has had some pretty hard crashes but they did not really bother him that much.

Todd would like to thank George Boring at Arrow Graphics for all of his help from the start of his career and for providing them with t-shirts.  He would also like to thank J.T.'s Bunny Farm in Greenville, TN for their help.  Steve McKenzie letters their car and does a swell job. Gene Griffitts has come along and helped them out tremendously.

Bonus Questions:
What tape or CD is in your car/Truck right now? Travis Tritt (Down the Road I Go)

What is your favorite movie? Collateral Damage

Who was the poster on your wall growing up?  (or who did you idolize growing up?) I always looked up to Bobby Labonte and he was always my favorite driver.  He was the guy that was all over my walls, but I think the guy that I really look up to and idolize is Joe Gibbs.  In my opinion, he has some awesome beliefs and is one of the best and most knowledgeable guys in motorsports not to mention football.

Who is the best driver you have raced against? I was supposed to race with Bill Elliot some this past year but I never got to, so I would say Mark Martin, or Jimmy Owens, or some of the local and SAS drivers.

Any lucky charms or superstitions? My dad, who owns the car, seems to find several heads-up pennies lying around. I came home from school one day and saw some duct tape on the spoiler blades and it turned out that all of the pennies that dad found were taped to the car. Other than that, I don't really think so.
Any nick names?  If so, how did you get it? Volunteer Speedway called me " The Kid" for a while but that didn't stick, and then they started calling me "The Mean Teen" but that didnít really stick either, so as of now, I donít really have a nickname.

Who is your favorite driver? Bobby Labonte

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