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  Picture at Cowtown Speedway

 Jim Knight


Jim Knight drives the #73 Modified Class car.  His home track is Cowtown Speedway.  He lives in Grand Prairie, TX.

Jim started racing in 1966 on Motorcycles.  He started racing cars in '89 because he was always interested in engines and cars.  He didn't think he could afford the cars so he started in motorcycles.

The thrill of racing for Jim is the corners.  When you hit them just right, it's great!  His most exciting racing moment was when he first learned you could carry more speed than your thinking you can.  Your brain says you can't but you can!  He's most proud of 3 years in a row winning Championship at Cowtown Speedway and Boyd Raceway.

Jim's racing hero is A J Foyt, not because of his personality!




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