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Shane Hartline


Shane races  the # 25 IMCA Sportsmod out of his hometown of Ivanhoe, Texas.  Shane started racing in 2008 in an IMCA Sportsmod at his home track of Grayson County Speeway in Bells, Texas.  Shane started racing because he always wanted to.  "I watched my brothers race since I was a kid." 

Shane's first win came in 2010 in an IMCA Sportsmod at Grayson County Speedway.  He was a 2010 Grayson County Sportsmod track champion.  Shane won the 2010 Monster Mash in a Sportsmod. 

The thrill of racing for Shane is the "rush" and door-to-door racing.  His most exciting racing moment was winning the 2010 Monster Mash. 

Shane's most proud of his consistent finishes.  Shane's racing hero is Dale Earnhardt, Sr. 

My brothers have helped me race.

About racing, Shane would tell you, "it's always different."

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